Seven Wonderful and Useful technologies of 2017

Technologies has played a very important role in development and serving society. It is quite amazing that we all can communicate using a small device which fits in our pocket. It is because of development that customers or people are served better services in almost all the sectors. Devices can predict weather forecasting, cars are becoming safer today, mobiles are becoming smarter day by day and Internet of Things is at boom stage. Here is the list of seven technologies development in 2017 according to way I see.

Jibo: It is one of the greatest inventions of 2017. Cynthia Breazeal is the founder and chief scientist at Jibo, Inc. It can dance, play music, respond to your queries and better than its competitors in market in some aspects. Jibo is curious, social and playful. Such words can been seen on the box in which it is packed. Cynthia is an associate professor of Media Arts and Sciences at MIT who is considered as a pioneer of social robotics and human robot interaction.

Photo by Rob Eradus from Pexels
Photo by Rob Eradus from Pexels

iPhone X: This opens the platform for manufacturing of iPhone with full fledged AI. This iPhone came with A11 Bionic processor which is integrated with dedicated neural hardware which can perform 600 billion operations per second. It came with augmented reality where you can use the existing space while creating new things. Such technology has also been implemented in luxurious cars such as BMW which prevents accidents and safeguard persons in the car. Home button is eliminated in iPhone X and is opened using authorized face. Animoji is another feature which transforms your emotions into an animated emojis. Faces can be masked with unicorns, robots, pigs, poo, etc.

Self-driving Trucks: It is considered as one of the breakthrough technologies of 2017. One of the leading company in bringing such innovation is Otto. It uses Lidar system which uses pulsated laser which collects detailed data from the surroundings. This data is fed to super computers through an appropriate model which is processed using high computation power. This system is connected to mechanical steering, throttling and braking system by some electromechanical actuators.

The 360 degree Selfie: Development of such technology has opened new era in photography. Using this one can experience the world in 360 degree surrounded by sights and sounds. One of the real time applications of such cameras were used in showing the damage done by hurricane at Haiti. Samsung Gear 360 cameras were used. Technology if used in the right way can help society in every possible way. These cameras can help medical student to learn and visualize the operation in better way. Players can improve themselves a lot while watching videos after playing. Almost there will be huge improvement in all sectors. One another side is high heat is dissipated so to overcome such, processors like Qualcomm Snapdragon are used in them. Surely such breakthrough technology will take virtual reality to next level and end users will see a lot of features.

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Reinforcement learning: It refers to learning by experience and practice. You might have known about Alpha Go, a program created by Deep mind which is subsidiary of Alphabet. It had defeated one of the expert players Lee Sedol in the board game Go competition. Moves played by the program cannot be learnt pre-trained. It learnt from the experience and won the game. This is what reinforced learning is. Giant companies such as Uber and Google are tweaking their present products based on AI to next level using reinforced learning. Self driverless cars needs more accuracy, otherwise such will result in a formidable positions. It will help in using the computation power in an incredible way.

Kymriah: This is human gene edited therapy for cancer treatment. This is termed as a huge leap towards fighting dreadful disease cancer. Using this WBC (T cells) is modified and receptors are added to locate malignant ones. Hence, T cells or T lymphocyte fight against these. This process is called adoptive cell transfer.

Photo by <a href="">NASA</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>
Photo by NASA on Unsplash

NASA Mars Insight: Insight is a robotic lander. Lander is a spacecraft which lands safely on reaching the astronomical body. It is manufactured by Lockheed Martin Space system which contains instrument for measuring heat flow, rotation, interior temperature, winds and seismic experiments. Objective of insight is to place a seismometer and heat transfer probe on surface to study planets geological evolution. This will serve purpose of better understanding of other terrestrial planets such as Mercury, Venus, and Earth. Insight will study deep of mars.

Everything on demand: Such phrase signifies its meaning. Swigy, Uber eats, Zomato has made it possible to order food by just placing it on phone app. From rides to serving, everything has become so quick that we all wonder what new is going to happen in the coming time.

In a nutshell, we have read some amazing and outstanding technologies which were developed in 2017. Starting with Jibo them moving towards iPhone X, Self driving trucks, The 360 degree Selfie, Reinforcement learning, Kymriah, NASA mars insight and everything on demand all of these have deeply impacted society. Life has become more secure and comfortable with these developments. Augmented reality has made it possible to drive the vehicles safely. Reinforcement learning has made development in self driverless cars one step ahead. Cancer which was assumed to be incurable can be cured using Kymriah. NASA insight will help to study mars better which will be useful to study universe in a better way. A lot to come in 2018 and I am waiting eagerly for it. Since Artificial intelligence is making its great impact like we have seen in jibo, iPhone X, Reinforcement learning, some of such notable work can be seen from AI Sangam You Tube Channel.

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