The Best Dental Implant Clinic in Dubai

There are many options for dental implant clinics in Dubai. If you are looking for one with the highest quality of work, then Swedish Dental Clinic may be the best option for you. Established in 1985, this dental clinic offers minimally invasive procedures and accepts all major credit cards. It also offers interest-free financing options. It has a good reputation and offers competitive prices. The team at Swedish Dental Clinic offers free consultations and estimates.

SameDay Dental Implants

SameDay Dental Implants in Dubai is one of the few clinics in the Middle East to offer same-day dental implants. This technique involves placing the implants in the available bone in the mouth directly. Most other implant clinics require a graft, which is an invasive procedure. In Dubai, SameDay Dental Implants uses a proven same-day implant technique, which results in same-day teeth.

SameDay Dental Implants uses advanced technology for the procedure, which makes the procedure more efficient and less painful. The team will answer all your questions, including the need for x-rays, and make sure you’re comfortable. The process will take around 60 minutes and you’ll be able to walk out the same day. There’s no waiting period, which is great news for busy professionals.

SameDay Dental Implants offers a number of different types of dental implants. In addition to implant restoration, the clinic offers general dentistry solutions and cosmetic dentistry. Patients can even enjoy a chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce service to the clinic. The clinic has also been recognized as a Branemark Osseointegration Centre – Dubai. This award is the highest recognition for a dental clinic, and the staff at SameDay are highly experienced and well-trained.

Swedish Dental Clinic

Since 1985, the Swedish Dental Clinic in Dubai Marina has been the only Swedish dental clinic in the UAE. This is the reason why many people choose to undergo dental implant procedures at this clinic. This facility offers a variety of dental treatments, including dental implants and the installation of dentures. Located in the heart of Dubai Marina, the Swedish Dental Clinic provides high-quality care to its patients. The staff members at this clinic have extensive experience in the field of dental implants and care for dentures.

The Swedish Dental Clinic in Dubai Marina is a family-owned clinic established in 1985. Patients will find the staff to be highly professional and knowledgeable about dental implants. They will be able to answer any questions that you might have. They offer the best services possible in a relaxing and comfortable environment. With years of experience and a deserved reputation, you will be in great hands at this dental center. It is a good choice for anyone who wants a bright, healthy smile.

Lotus Dental Center

You can visit the best dental implant clinic in Dubai to get your new teeth. The Lotus Dental Center is situated in Al Nahda 2 and specializes in this procedure. It has top-notch technology and equipment to ensure a speedy recovery for every patient. You can even get an insurance consultation for an affordable fee. Patients will feel no pain during the procedure, and there are also no sutures or metal.

The SameDay Dental Implant Clinic offers the fastest and most convenient dental implant procedure in the Middle East. Dental implants are placed the same day, so you can start enjoying your new smile right away. The procedure is as safe and effective as conventional techniques, and the clinic offers a 10-year guarantee. It accepts patients from all walks of life. The best part is that it does not require bone grafting.

Oris Dental Center

Oris Dental Care is located at Jumeirah and is open six days a week. The clinic specializes in crowns, root canal treatments, and dental implants. Their goal is to give their patients a beautiful, healthy smile. They accept patients from all over the world and offer convenient payment plans. Their team of experts are ready to help you find the perfect solution for your dental needs. Read on to learn more about Oris Dental Center in Dubai. Read more on Bella Viso.

Located in Dubai, Oris Dental Care has been in the dental business since 2008. Its experts are experienced in crowns, root canal treatments, and cosmetic dentistry. The clinic is open six days a week and offers emergency dental care. They use the latest dental technology to provide their patients with a beautiful smile. They work hard to ensure their patients’ smiles are healthy and beautiful. They offer affordable treatments, as well as free consultations.

10 Effective way to reduce pollution individually

In this article we are going to discuss about how individual person can reduce pollution. Also we will discuss about why it is important for participation of each person.

Now days we are observing that our environment is changing very rapidly. This changing not only varying in climate but also many things are changing abruptly. For example living nature behaviour, health issues, new type of disease, fertilisation power of soil and many more. And the problem of this all things is not only due to industrialisation and urbanisation. But also many things responsible for this which is listed below.

  • Deforestation
  • Growing population
  • Unmanned resources life cycle
  • excess uses of artificial things
  • unplanned garbage littering
  • Lack of factory production rule and regulation and many more things.

But only by reduce pollutant things on major , we can’t control pollution and its consequences. We also have to remove it by individual level. If each individual person will try for minimise to produce pollution then surely we will able to control on today’s pollution related problem. And if you are thinking that you are not able to do any things to reduce pollution then it will be very wrong. Each person can do a lot if they will do only some work for nature or even for himself or society.

In this article i have brought some points whom you can easily do in your daily life. Lets look one by one and Also try to make all point habitual in your life.

Key points to reduce pollution individually

1. Limit Fossil Fuel:

Fossil fuel is the main resource of air pollution. If you burn any things then it emit CO2. And CO2 gas is the core problem of increasing temperature of environment. Global worming is the main effect of it. Unusual whether changingdisappearance of many species, acid rain are the main problem arises by fossil fuels. At individual level we can do many things to reduce pollution.

  • Don’t ignite or rot crop in fields
  • Use less travelling with vehical
  • Prefer to use smart energy for our daily life like green energy
  • Try to utilise artificial things and help to minimise factories production
  • Don’t ignite wast material in open. Make them biodegradable by a good technology.

2. Switch to Clean Energy:

10 Effective way to reduce pollution individually
Switch to Clean Energy

By changing your energy optimisation plan in clean energy is also a best way to control on pollution. In clean energy you can use CNG, Solar Power, Wind Energy. Also try to develop your own custom things according to your need with the help of natural things. And with those substance by whom not any emission of CO2 and harmful gases.

3. Less uses of vehicles :

Now days two many vehicles also running on road. By this too much CO2 emission takes place. As well noise pollution and soil pollution also increases. So at individual level you can try to walk more if destination is at small distance. Also share your vehicle if seat is available. Try to use those type of vehicle who uses green energy as fuel. You can also prefer cycle, skating like things. This will be vary useful for reduce pollution.

4. Shift from chemical fertiliser production to organic fertiliser:

If you are a farmer or you have orchard then try to not any use of chemical fertiliser. Instead of chemical fertiliser use organic fertiliser. Also don’t let rot your crops or plant in open. Try to manage all the wast material. And also not burn your waste material in open. Now days mist problem is also a great problem in Delhi NCR, north India, Pakistan Area.

5. Avoid use of plastics:

In daily life we use plastic at a great instance. And due to this is a non-degradable substance it become cause of soil pollution and also it emitted CO2 at large amount which caused air pollution. You can avoid the use of plastic to reduce pollution. Instead of this you can use biodegradable pocket like copy folder. It will also make your place clean.

6. Save Water:

You know very well that there is a too much lack of drinking water. So save it many part of life where you waste your life. You can save water by many tings like. Don’t continuously open your water tube, wash cloth and bath in limited water. And you think about it that where you waste water and at that place try to complete work in limited quantity of water. For knowledge of importance of water you can visit our this article “Water is life understand importance of water“.

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7. Prevent littering Domestic waste:

Don’t litter garbage here and there. At a fixed place put all your garbage and mange it so that it don’t make air pollution and soil pollution.

8. Spread awareness :

Complete pollution cant be control until we all will not work together. So also make self awareness among your nearby people and relative. And when all the hand will work together then pollution will be remain in control.

9. Come in front to stop harmful things production factory:

If your nearby factory creating pollution then you have right to raise your sound. It will create force to stop all bad activities regrading pollution generation. And then our law and rule will be also become more powerful and help to reduce pollution.

10. Control Population:

This is the core reason of all the problems of pollution. To fulfil the requirement and desire pollution increases. So use precaution and say no more then 2 children. If our population will be in control then all the problem will be remain in control.

At last we can say that without self awareness we cant control on pollution. And all people awareness start with individual person. So just firstly control pollution by yourself and then aware to others so that they will also work together. A slogan suit here that ”Be Good & Make Good”. Hope you will definitely keep in mind these key point to control pollution by individually. Make our world neat and clean without any pollution.

Water is life understand importance of water

Water is a colourless, transparent and odourless liquid which constitutes 60-95% of mass organism. The name of topic suggests importance of water in daily life. We know that water is life as it makes life balanced in all aspects. Everyone is familiar with this sentence. You can see this sentence in rivers, sees and lakes. Normal adults are made up of 60% of water approximately. Water is made up of hydrogen ions linked to hydroxyl ions to form oxygen. Water conservation is very essential as it is source of all life on earth. As a fact, almost  of earth is water. In general sense, we use water for cooking, bathing, watering agricultural fields, generating electricity, controlling metabolic activity of body and preventing dehydration. I am going to describe uses of water and define some of them because the list is endless.

water is life understand its importance
water is life

Features of water:

Water is an essential feature of homestasis which is in an organism. A homestasis is a property in which variable like concentration, body temperature or sugar level is regulated. Water got excreted from body and takes out toxins soluble in water. Along with that it removes the heat from body and regulates body temperature. We can see water plays an important role in health so called water is life. One most important feature of water lies in its specific heat capacity. Water has high value of specific heat capacity. Before going further let us understand its meaning. Specific heat capacity refers to amount of heat required to raise temperature to a certain level. Speaking scientifically, water takes 4 Joules of energy to raise the temperature of one gram water to raise.

Look at its benefits: Most of time we say water is life. Here it is described why it is so. There are a lot of benefits of water which I am going to discuss here. Fishes in the sea and pond lives happily because temperature stays relative some day and night. Some another example is, people living near coastal area will face less temperature variations as compared with people living in land. Third important property is its viscosity. It is a factor that is that water is 790 times more viscous or thicker than air and serves effectively while doing exercise. This is the reason why swimmers are fit. Also we use water in our daily life for many reasons and in many ways.

Applications of water: Water has an important aspect in our life. Human, animals as well as insects need water. We consider it so light and use it carelessly. We need to understand the meaning of water is life. Below are some applications of water to know its importance:

Prevent Dehydration: Dehydration is the process when body gets rid of fluids due to sweating or any other reason. Drinking lot of water performs the opposite (Rehydration).

Managing Constipation: To understand how water manages Constipation we need to understand how food is pre-processed by large intestine. If body is processed by large intestine it will soak all fluid from food items and therefore it is difficult for them to pass.

Preventing Kidney stone: Drinking plenty of water / extra water dilutes the substance in urine that leads to stone. Thus water prevents kidney stone.

Burning Fat: A very simple logic is water. It lowers the amount of fat stored in the body and is a natural way to burn fat. Thus we can say that water is life.

Prevent Headache: One of the reasons of headache is fatique and it is caused by dehydration. Water prevents Dehydration and indirectly headache.

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Creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients, circulation and absorption are other functions of water and hence all these justify the topic i.e water is life. Water can help you to improve your health in many ways. Also for Dengue fever and its symptoms with treatment is explained in my previous blog. You can read it to know more.

Conserving Water: Since we have read water is life, save water. We know important features and applications of water. Question arises to stop misusing water and conserve it for better utilisation. Here are some general steps which all of us know but let us revise again.

  • Please off the taps while not in use.
  • Utilise right amount of water while bathing, cooking and washing.
  • Store the water in reservoir especially in the coastal areas.
  • Try to implement concept of 3R’s Reduce, Recycle and Reuse techniques for better water management.

Conclusion:  Really seeing the use, applications and advantages of water we can say that water is life. Also it is an essential part which proved that water is life. While in this article we have studied about the article we have studied about its advantages and use. We have also drawn the attention towards its proper management so that our future generation will get clean water. Today we can see pollution everywhere; industrial waste has degraded rivers, streams and oceans so a proper and strict action should be taken against this and save water without which we cannot think of life. So we should take some hard steps to reduce pollution. As a concluding part I end with a quote saying, “one can live few days without food but cannot live a day without water.” Moreover I only want to say that water is life and we must use it properly. Don’t waste water.

Dengue fever symptoms with treatment of DFF

Dengue fever is an infectious arth ropod-borne viral disease. It is caused by a dengue virus, the virus is also treated as Arbovirus. As a fact about 50 million dengue infection occur every year. It belongs to family flaviviridae. It includes virus like Zika virus, yellow fever virus and west nile virus. In recent days Dengue fever is highly on rise. It leads to high fever so that patients feel pain like broken bones and some dengue rashes also occur on the skin. Also it is killing many people in recent years. Mostly it is spread via mosquitoes. Some people caught by light Dengue fever and can easily recover by drinking enough liquid, but sometimes dengue shock syndrome occurs which needs immediate medical treatment. In this blog I am going to describe about dengue symptoms, and dengue fever treatment. Following an image of Dengue fever suffered child is shown with some highlights of medicines.

Dengue fever
Dengue fever an infectious disease

How dengue fever spreads: Dengue fever is spread through bite of female mosquito Aedes aegypti. The mosquito becomes infected when it consumes blood of a person with infected virus. About a week mosquito can transmit virus to a healthy person. This mosquito can bite more than one person during feeding time and therefore is highly efficient epidemic vector mosquito.

dengue symptoms and cure: No vaccine or drugs can be successfully managed by identifying its early symptoms. Dengue fever, headache, body pain, dengue rashes, abdominal pain, restlessness, continuous vomiting and sudden reduction in temperature are its symptoms. Best method is to avoid mosquito bite. Treatment is possible if diagnosis occur before person suffers from dengue shock syndrome (DSS) and hemorrhagic fever (DHF). When following symptoms arises patient needs to be hospitalized.

  • Bleeding from mouth and nose
  • Damage to blood vessels
  • Black colored vomit
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Fast drop in blood pressure
  • Intense stomach pain

Mild form cure: During early stage, drinking plenty of water especially boiled water. Painkiller like paracitamol can lower fever, papaya leaves extracts, kiwi, coconut water can help a lot.

Treatment of severe dengue [DHF/DSS]: If dengue symptoms last from a long time, person needs to be hospitalised. Tests available for diagnosis of Dengue fever and infection are as below:

  • Haemagglutination-Inhibition (HI)
  • Complement fixation (CF)
  • Neutralization test (NT)
  • Indirect IgG ELISA

From above methods most popular method is MAC-ELISA and is widely used these days.

Treatment of Dengue fever:  This fever treatment steps are listed below:

  • Bed rest is recommended till recovery
  • As temperature increases cold sponging is recommended
  • Anti Pyretics is used to lower body temperature. Avoid aspirin and ibuprofen as it causes gastritis, vomiting and platelets dis-functioning.
  • Paracitamol dose is given according to age, from 1 to 2 years: 60-120 mg/doses, 3 to 6 years: 120 mg/d and from 7 to 12: 240 mg/d. Adults are given 500 mg/ dose.
  • Oral fluids and electrolyte therapy are recommended for patient with excessive sweating and vomiting.
  • Monitoring of patients in academic area after treatment.

Treatment of DHF (dengue hemorrhagic fever)

In some cases, mild fever or dengue fever if not recovered till 7th day transforms into life threating dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) resulting in various symptoms like bleeding, low level of platelets count (thrombocytopenial) and blood plasma leakage and if an abrupt blood pressure drops, risk of dengue shock syndrome occurs.


  • Body must be hydrated with intravenous fluids. These are received through intravenous fluids. These are received through blood streams. It is a thin tube inserted into your vein fluid contains water with electrolytes, sugar, medication (drugs) added in concentration. Crystalloids and colloids are used to replace lost fluid.
  • Crystalloids, are aqueous solution of mineral salts and water soluble molecules, whereas colloids contains insoluble molecules like gelation, dextran’s and starches.
  • Electrolyte therapy: Given when potassium loss takes place inside body.
  • Blood Transfusion: Transfer of blood from one person to another person. Done when severe bleeding occurs or blood counts drops abruptly.
  • Oxygen therapy and monitoring of blood pressure.

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Treatment of DSS: If along with DHF, narrow pulse pressure (less than 20mm Hg) occurs, DHF gets transformed into DSS. Generally DHF/ DSS occur in infants and elderly people. Shock can develop rapidly hence transferring the patient to ICU is recommended. Pulse, blood pressure and respiration must be monitored. Continuous oxygen should be given by face mask. Paracitamol can be given to lower body temperature. Fluid recitation is most effective treatment.

General precautions during dengue

As a concluding part of Dengue fever, I am suggesting some tips and precautions. Before reading ahead please keep in mind, “Prevention is better than cure.”

Some precautions for Dengue fever:

  • Best precautions would be avoiding mosquito bite especially during morning and evening.
  • Keep rooms, houses and make environment clean and safe.
  • Look at your colors, water tanks and clean then if they are dirty. As water is an important aspect of life.
  • Do not store water.
  • Cover all containers properly.
  • Take some precautions to prevent dengue mosquito breeding near you like replacing flower base water in a week can do it.
  • Use mosquito repellents to avoid mosquito bite.
  • Use mosquito net while sleeping at night.

These general precautions for Dengue fever may help you to live a safe and healthy life and prevent you from dangerous affects.

Conclusion: Dengue infection is caused by mosquito bite. This infectious disease is spread all over the world and become a global public health issue. Dengue fever is difficult to diagnose, so in this blog I have explained some dengue symptoms, prevention, cure and precautions. Keep in mind these points so that if you will face ever Dengue infection in your life you can handle it easily. It may be helpful to you to save your or someone else’s life. Its proper care and treatment via antiviral drugs are still under investigation. Hope you will like this blog and it is helpful to you somehow. In last words I only want to say that prevention is better than cure. So always try to apply these precautions to live healthy. If you found  dengue symptoms, try to check under proper medical vision.