Water is life understand importance of water

Water is a colourless, transparent and odourless liquid which constitutes 60-95% of mass organism. The name of topic suggests importance of water in daily life. We know that water is life as it makes life balanced in all aspects. Everyone is familiar with this sentence. You can see this sentence in rivers, sees and lakes. Normal adults are made up of 60% of water approximately. Water is made up of hydrogen ions linked to hydroxyl ions to form oxygen. Water conservation is very essential as it is source of all life on earth. As a fact, almost  of earth is water. In general sense, we use water for cooking, bathing, watering agricultural fields, generating electricity, controlling metabolic activity of body and preventing dehydration. I am going to describe uses of water and define some of them because the list is endless.

water is life understand its importance
water is life

Features of water:

Water is an essential feature of homestasis which is in an organism. A homestasis is a property in which variable like concentration, body temperature or sugar level is regulated. Water got excreted from body and takes out toxins soluble in water. Along with that it removes the heat from body and regulates body temperature. We can see water plays an important role in health so called water is life. One most important feature of water lies in its specific heat capacity. Water has high value of specific heat capacity. Before going further let us understand its meaning. Specific heat capacity refers to amount of heat required to raise temperature to a certain level. Speaking scientifically, water takes 4 Joules of energy to raise the temperature of one gram water to raise.

Look at its benefits: Most of time we say water is life. Here it is described why it is so. There are a lot of benefits of water which I am going to discuss here. Fishes in the sea and pond lives happily because temperature stays relative some day and night. Some another example is, people living near coastal area will face less temperature variations as compared with people living in land. Third important property is its viscosity. It is a factor that is that water is 790 times more viscous or thicker than air and serves effectively while doing exercise. This is the reason why swimmers are fit. Also we use water in our daily life for many reasons and in many ways.

Applications of water: Water has an important aspect in our life. Human, animals as well as insects need water. We consider it so light and use it carelessly. We need to understand the meaning of water is life. Below are some applications of water to know its importance:

Prevent Dehydration: Dehydration is the process when body gets rid of fluids due to sweating or any other reason. Drinking lot of water performs the opposite (Rehydration).

Managing Constipation: To understand how water manages Constipation we need to understand how food is pre-processed by large intestine. If body is processed by large intestine it will soak all fluid from food items and therefore it is difficult for them to pass.

Preventing Kidney stone: Drinking plenty of water / extra water dilutes the substance in urine that leads to stone. Thus water prevents kidney stone.

Burning Fat: A very simple logic is water. It lowers the amount of fat stored in the body and is a natural way to burn fat. Thus we can say that water is life.

Prevent Headache: One of the reasons of headache is fatique and it is caused by dehydration. Water prevents Dehydration and indirectly headache.

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Creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients, circulation and absorption are other functions of water and hence all these justify the topic i.e water is life. Water can help you to improve your health in many ways. Also for Dengue fever and its symptoms with treatment is explained in my previous blog. You can read it to know more.

Conserving Water: Since we have read water is life, save water. We know important features and applications of water. Question arises to stop misusing water and conserve it for better utilisation. Here are some general steps which all of us know but let us revise again.

  • Please off the taps while not in use.
  • Utilise right amount of water while bathing, cooking and washing.
  • Store the water in reservoir especially in the coastal areas.
  • Try to implement concept of 3R’s Reduce, Recycle and Reuse techniques for better water management.

Conclusion:  Really seeing the use, applications and advantages of water we can say that water is life. Also it is an essential part which proved that water is life. While in this article we have studied about the article we have studied about its advantages and use. We have also drawn the attention towards its proper management so that our future generation will get clean water. Today we can see pollution everywhere; industrial waste has degraded rivers, streams and oceans so a proper and strict action should be taken against this and save water without which we cannot think of life. So we should take some hard steps to reduce pollution. As a concluding part I end with a quote saying, “one can live few days without food but cannot live a day without water.” Moreover I only want to say that water is life and we must use it properly. Don’t waste water.

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  1. “Conserve water, conserve life”

    Well done! Glbaat for writing such topic. Really appreciable from our side. If such articles are promoted it would help to conserve society and advancement towards progressive future.

    With Regards
    ideas foundation

  2. 70% of the body mass is made up of water and it is recommended by the doctors to drink about 8 glasses of water everyday.

    1.) WATER is the only liquid which reduces weight. It removes the by product of fat and keep you healthy and fresh.
    2.) It helps in detoxifying skin and keep you young and charming.
    3.) It increases the ability to think and always keep you refreshing and energetic.
    4.) Less chance of heart attack.
    5.) Fight kidney stones.
    6.) Body needs neutral PH range to function properly and water keeps this in balance.
    I read your articles and also introducing my knowledge with you regarding water. It is true that water is life.

    With Regards

    1. Thanks Suneha for your participation…..

      Water is an essential part of life and life is impossible without it. One of the main reason for life impossible on other planets is scarcity or no water present there.

      with regards

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