10 Effective way to reduce pollution individually

In this article we are going to discuss about how individual person can reduce pollution. Also we will discuss about why it is important for participation of each person.

Now days we are observing that our environment is changing very rapidly. This changing not only varying in climate but also many things are changing abruptly. For example living nature behaviour, health issues, new type of disease, fertilisation power of soil and many more. And the problem of this all things is not only due to industrialisation and urbanisation. But also many things responsible for this which is listed below.

  • Deforestation
  • Growing population
  • Unmanned resources life cycle
  • excess uses of artificial things
  • unplanned garbage littering
  • Lack of factory production rule and regulation and many more things.

But only by reduce pollutant things on major , we can’t control pollution and its consequences. We also have to remove it by individual level. If each individual person will try for minimise to produce pollution then surely we will able to control on today’s pollution related problem. And if you are thinking that you are not able to do any things to reduce pollution then it will be very wrong. Each person can do a lot if they will do only some work for nature or even for himself or society.

In this article i have brought some points whom you can easily do in your daily life. Lets look one by one and Also try to make all point habitual in your life.

Key points to reduce pollution individually

1. Limit Fossil Fuel:

Fossil fuel is the main resource of air pollution. If you burn any things then it emit CO2. And CO2 gas is the core problem of increasing temperature of environment. Global worming is the main effect of it. Unusual whether changingdisappearance of many species, acid rain are the main problem arises by fossil fuels. At individual level we can do many things to reduce pollution.

  • Don’t ignite or rot crop in fields
  • Use less travelling with vehical
  • Prefer to use smart energy for our daily life like green energy
  • Try to utilise artificial things and help to minimise factories production
  • Don’t ignite wast material in open. Make them biodegradable by a good technology.

2. Switch to Clean Energy:

10 Effective way to reduce pollution individually
Switch to Clean Energy

By changing your energy optimisation plan in clean energy is also a best way to control on pollution. In clean energy you can use CNG, Solar Power, Wind Energy. Also try to develop your own custom things according to your need with the help of natural things. And with those substance by whom not any emission of CO2 and harmful gases.

3. Less uses of vehicles :

Now days two many vehicles also running on road. By this too much CO2 emission takes place. As well noise pollution and soil pollution also increases. So at individual level you can try to walk more if destination is at small distance. Also share your vehicle if seat is available. Try to use those type of vehicle who uses green energy as fuel. You can also prefer cycle, skating like things. This will be vary useful for reduce pollution.

4. Shift from chemical fertiliser production to organic fertiliser:

If you are a farmer or you have orchard then try to not any use of chemical fertiliser. Instead of chemical fertiliser use organic fertiliser. Also don’t let rot your crops or plant in open. Try to manage all the wast material. And also not burn your waste material in open. Now days mist problem is also a great problem in Delhi NCR, north India, Pakistan Area.

5. Avoid use of plastics:

In daily life we use plastic at a great instance. And due to this is a non-degradable substance it become cause of soil pollution and also it emitted CO2 at large amount which caused air pollution. You can avoid the use of plastic to reduce pollution. Instead of this you can use biodegradable pocket like copy folder. It will also make your place clean.

6. Save Water:

You know very well that there is a too much lack of drinking water. So save it many part of life where you waste your life. You can save water by many tings like. Don’t continuously open your water tube, wash cloth and bath in limited water. And you think about it that where you waste water and at that place try to complete work in limited quantity of water. For knowledge of importance of water you can visit our this article “Water is life understand importance of water“.

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7. Prevent littering Domestic waste:

Don’t litter garbage here and there. At a fixed place put all your garbage and mange it so that it don’t make air pollution and soil pollution.

8. Spread awareness :

Complete pollution cant be control until we all will not work together. So also make self awareness among your nearby people and relative. And when all the hand will work together then pollution will be remain in control.

9. Come in front to stop harmful things production factory:

If your nearby factory creating pollution then you have right to raise your sound. It will create force to stop all bad activities regrading pollution generation. And then our law and rule will be also become more powerful and help to reduce pollution.

10. Control Population:

This is the core reason of all the problems of pollution. To fulfil the requirement and desire pollution increases. So use precaution and say no more then 2 children. If our population will be in control then all the problem will be remain in control.

At last we can say that without self awareness we cant control on pollution. And all people awareness start with individual person. So just firstly control pollution by yourself and then aware to others so that they will also work together. A slogan suit here that ”Be Good & Make Good”. Hope you will definitely keep in mind these key point to control pollution by individually. Make our world neat and clean without any pollution.

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