What are the favorable planets for marriage and how do they affect you?

Marriage is such a bond, which connects not only two people but also two families. It is a lifetime companionship, which two people share together. Many say matches are made in heaven, which is quite true. marriage is present in the horoscope of many people. It is a well-known fact that this is such an auspicious yoga, planet, and house that can bring into your life, due to which your life will be happy. Know the critical yoga for marriage in the horoscope, which tells how the marriage will be in life.

Marriage Prediction In The Horoscope

To analyze the marriage prediction in the horoscope, you need to know the planetary positions and astrological expressions. The chances of a marriage can be predicted by the planets and their relationships in the houses of your horoscope. Along with this, it also tells how your life partner will be, and how will be the relationship between them and you after marriage. Also, by understanding the importance of these details in your horoscope, you can easily find out the inter-caste marriage in the same religion.

Important planets for marriage in horoscope

The yoga of marriage in the horoscope is formed due to many planets. Some of which are also these planets:

Venus planet

Venus is considered a symbol of. At the same time, this planet is also a symbol of female energy. Along with this, this planet significantly affects the life of the native. Sexuality, attraction, and social attraction are all governed by this planet. Also, the position of Venus and its coordination with the planetary lords indicate a marriage.

Mars planet

Mars is the planet of enthusiasm, aspirations, activities, passion, sexuality, bravery, and assertiveness. Its presence tells where and how you will focus your efforts in the future. Also, it can be ascertained how aggressive and competitive you will be. According to marriage astrology, the planet Mars determines your interests and inclinations. If it is not in a favorable position in the horoscope, it causes Mangal Dosh. During Kundali matching, this dosha can cause obstacles and arguments between the husband and wife. The conjunction of Mars and Venus reduces the chances of marriage.

Rahu planet

Rahu is a planet with immense powers. Its place is very important for astrological predictions regarding marriage. The connection of Rahu with the 7th house in the horoscope causes non-traditional associations. If Rahu is in the ascendant and Jupiter aspects the seventh house, then the person can do a marriage.

moon planet

Moon is the symbol of your intelligence in Vedic astrology. Negative placement of the Moon in the horoscope results in stress, suicidal thoughts, and a pessimistic outlook. If the Moon is favorable, the person enjoys happiness, enthusiasm, and peace of mind. According to astrology, Moon is a major factor in a man’s horoscope when considering marriage. On the other hand, the powerful Moon gives a beautiful woman to a man. Saturn aspected by Moon causes a delay in marriage.

Mercury Planet

Mercury is called the planet of communication. It has youthful vitality and facilitates friendship with people of the opposite sex. Because of this, it is important to consider where Mercury is located in your birth chart. If you want to marry the person you are, then the Mercury-Venus conjunction in the 5th or 7th house can help you.

Astrological remedies for a successful marriage

  • Girls should observe Mangala Gauri Vrat to get their desired life partner.
  • relations are strengthened by worshiping Radha Krishna.
  • By showing your horoscope to a learned astrologer, you can strengthen the marriage by taking the measures suggested by him.
  • If yoga is weak in your horoscope or there is a problem in getting married or if you do not get along with the people you are with, then you should take some special measures. Due to this, the between you and your partner will increase.
  • Strengthen the position of the planet Venus in your Kundli. To strengthen Venus, do charity and chant mantras after knowing the auspicious or inauspicious condition of Venus in the horoscope.
  • You can also wear a rose quartz stone ring, bracelet, or pendant to enhance life.
  • Knowing and strengthening the lord of the fifth house of your horoscope will also give you success in marriage.
  • With the strengthening of the seventh house along with the fifth house, your marriage can be possible.
  • Make an alliance with Mother Parvati and Lord Shiva with Kalave on Monday.


Marriage is such a bond, which connects not only two people but also two families. It is a lifetime companionship, which two people share together. Many people say that matches are made in heaven, which is true to a great extent. marriage is present in the horoscope of many people. It is true that this is such an auspicious planet, which can bring into your life, due to which your life becomes happy. If you want to know about marriage then your astrology consultation will give you the right suggestions.

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