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Programming languages is not less than a magic, it can do wonders. Think if software is not available, how it will become possible to communicate with electronic devices like monitor, processor and printer. Software is written using Programming languages. But which is the Best programming language to learn in a beginner level is a serious question. Here in this blog I am going to help you to know which is best Programming languages in demand. As we know that coding for beginners is a tough and challenging task. But advantage of a programmer is that they can possess and tackle problems of life in a better way as compared to other.

Programming languages helps you to understand electronic devices using computer languages. In simple words, Programming languages are set of rules which tell computer which type of operation to perform. To know which computer language to learn, it is important to accomplish and know what type of task you want to do. Code and coding programs are everywhere and you can perform different operations like mobile app, data analysis, making computers think like human and much more. If you are familiar to computer languages you can learn to code earlier. There are a lot of Programming languages available to learn and different people like different languages. Many of students are puzzled that what should the choose. Different Programming languages have their different use and features. So one can choose any of their desired  Programming languages.

There is nothing called best programming language to learn. If you are searching for which of the Programming languages you can learn in an easy way then there is no one specific. If I say here Java is best or PHP is best or Python is best I am absolutely wrong. Every computer languages have their own value and features in programming. To justify my statement I am explaining with following example. If you know how to drive car, you can also drive truck or any other vehicle. From my understanding two things are important:

  • Type of task to be accomplished: It means in which kind of coding programs you are interested. If you are at initial level then you should choose some basic programs which is helpful in coding for beginners. If you are a coder and want to make future in coding you can choose advance level in programming languages you know or you are more comfortable with.


  • Logics and learn to code with your intelligence: One can apply their own logics so that they can learn to code. It is the best way to make coding programs. Java, c programming, PHP, Python and SQL is chosen by most of the developers as they are easy.

Stack overflow survey: In 2017, about 64000 developers took part in stack overflow annual survey and came with following report. Here is list of programming languages which I am showing in graph.

If you look at java script, it has ranked most popular technology since past five years. What looks more amazing is python overtook PHP for first time in last five years. Ranking of website depends on various things like number of website build with them, google search result, github projects or stackflow questions. The high demand of Javascript is reflected from its use. Javascript is mainly used for server side programming, desktop application and game development. We all know that there is high demand of server side Programming languages. Thus for server side it is one of the best Programming languages.

Stack overflow survey 2017
Programming languages survey

From above graph, we see SQL is the second most demanding language. There is a proper reason for it. This is one of the special Programming languages designed to manage data from database widely used in hospital, banks and government sector. Following are some list of programming languages to learn coding for beginners:

Java: If I do not speak about java, I am doing injustice. Android app and smart phones are complete with java. Games like candy crush, temple run are much famous today and thanks java for it.

C#: It is developed by Microsoft. It enables developers to build a variety of secure and robust application that run on .Net framework. It is simple and easy to learn. Coding programs using C# generates good source of income for developers. It is also helpful in coding for beginners.

Python: It is a flexible language. It is like an English language and its syntax is so simple. Many scientific libraries like Numpy, SciPy are compatible with Python for mathematical calculation. Research Centre like NASA is widely using Python libraries. Jobs like data analyst, web application developer are entitled to a Python programmer. Basically it is a core language for AI, machine learning and deep learning

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PHP: It is a server side programming language. One can create web pages written in HTML. If you think how content of websites like facebook, wikipedia is managed PHP is responsible for it. It stands for Personal Home Page, but now acronym for it is hypertext preprocessor.

C++: Adobe, window application, Mac operating system, MongoDB database are using C#. Windows phone applications are using C#. Windows phone applications are using C# based on early C. Thus C# is one of the best language within all other Programming languages.   It is one of the best languages to coding for beginners.

Ruby on rails: It is just like JQuery for JavaScript. Rails serves as a framework for ruby. It is basically for Web applications, API, Mobile or desktop applications, Java applications and mobile games.

Swift: Apple’s own Programming languages are included using Swift. It is easy to learn and high rise in coming year. Thus you can also learn to code in swift.

MATLAB: MATLAB supports numerical computation, data visualisation, plotting graphs, signal and image processing. It is very easy to code in MATLAB. Further machine learning algorithms are supported in MATLAB. Companies recruit data analyst, image analyst and pay them high salary.

Conclusion: List is endless. Other languages like VB Net, assembly, Perl, VBA, Go, Scala are also in great demand. Question is not which Programming languages to use or learn, real question is what type of post you want. I have explained a list of programming languages , common thing is all of these computer languages demand logic. Once you start coding programs, language will not remain a barrier for you. Language is just a syntax and real mystery is your logic. Thus in short I want to say that from above list of programming languages you can choose any of them or anything else and learn to code. In conclusion I want to say that Programming languages are basic of coding and you can choose any one with your interest.


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  1. I really liked the topic and way you have represented this post. Most important part of this post is that you have represented the data gathered as a survey in the form of graph which speaks about the post itself. I loved this part of the post. Secondly post like this is very effective because this help the young generation to choose their career in the field of programming.

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    1. Thanks and this is my favorite post also since glbaat is interested in providing such post that helps readers to get employed and know some new happening of the world in different fields.

      I would again congratulate you in showing your concern towards this post. Every comment is valuable because it shows how much interest public is showing towards and how much they love this site.

  2. I loved this post because it is quite informative and I was waiting eagerly for post like this. This survey helped me to choose the programming language of my choice and inculcated in me that it is the logic that builds the programmer not the programming language. If you have the logic, language is not a barrier.

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    1. Thanks a lot for sharing such valuable points here. We are blessed that readers provides their true opinion here even though it is good or bad. Glbaat believes that criticism is much needed for the growth of anything and keeping this in mind we love every feedback. To write feedback readers devote their precious time.

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