10 Best ways to work from home using Internet

Nowadays in struggle and responsible life everyone wants to work from home because of two major problems.

  • To get job or earning source
  • Bear the responsibilities of home and family with same or higher standard

It means to make our life happy, earning plays a vital role. As well as to complete the responsibility we need love, affection, and same society standard. Standard in terms means higher education, good medical facilities, maintained cloth, nice food and many more. All things are directly proportional to our pocket size that means we are earning to complete our need. So we need to earn money by hook or crook. Many of people use to work from home to earn money.

In this article I am going to tell some tips that how you can maximise your earning from home. Specially this will be very helpful for housewife, part time job, time after examination, do not able to grab job, fed up from boring official job. In this article I am also going to give ideas, some for developers and those people who have some talent. They can utilise their talent and work from home in easy ways and have a great earning.

earn money
work from home and make money
1. Blogging:

This is a best way to get money. This is those one of those fields from where you can start any type of business. In another manner you can say that this is a first way to start your business to work from home. From this place you can grab maximum number of genuine organic traffic.

In blogging you have to write article in your desired or known language. According to your market price of knowledge and marketing you will get traffic. And after getting a good traffic you can apply for adsense. Basically, adsense provide you your content related ads. And pay per click on ads by your traffic user. Thus in return adsense company provide you money.

Value price monthly:

From blogging you can get a huge amount of money. Normally 10k-30k you can earn from here. But it completely depends on your content and SEO skills.


There are many company who provides you free blogging. But in the opinion of SEO you have your paid domain.

  • WordPress.com
  • Wix.com
  • Blogger and many more

For Adsense you can prefer these website:

  • Google Adsense
  • Infolinks
  • PopAds
  • PopCash
  • Media.net and many more

2. You tuber:

If you want to be popular and earn a lot as well you can become a you tuber. It is today’s trending job. In this you have to make original video of any type according to acceptance rule of youtube.

After that upload video on youtube. If your video is of good quality and informative or more entertaining then you can get easily millions of traffic. And for this you can use youtube ads on your video. And youtube will pay you according to number of click on your videos ads.

Value price monthly:

This completely depend upon your video content and traffic. But for normal videos you can get around 10k-20k per month. As per you tube provide 0.1 to 0.3$ per click. So it completely depends on traffic. And traffic will depend upon your content.

Source :


3. Social media (Page or community)

You can also earn from social media. For this you have to make groups, community or page over social media. After this try to add more and more people on your community page or group. And after that you can find on market there are many sites who provide you their website page link for promotion. After registering yourself from that website get those links. And share or post that link on your community or page. From this your visitor or user will visit on that page. From where you get post link they will paid you a smart price according to your valid organic traffic.

Value price monthly: 

It completely depend on your total number of user present on your community, group or page. If you have 50k users then you can easily earn 10k – 12k monthly, if you post regularly.




4. Affiliate Marketing

In this type of marketing you have to take just like a franchise of reputed site from where you are going to affiliate. After getting register they will provide right of affiliated marketing. And on the behalf of that you can sell their product. For this a smart commission will be paid by that provider. This type of marketing is available in e-commercial website fields. Amazon, flipcart, ebay provide this type of affiliate marketing.

Value price monthly: You can easily get paid more than 10k per month and easily grow your income by making improvement in selling item. This is just like your virtual e-commerce business.


  • Amazon.com
  • flipcart.com
  • ebay.com and many more.
5. Freelancing:

This is best way to earn money for those who have some skills. There are many websites available in market from where you can direct get work according to your skill. And after getting work done customer will pay according to pre-defined budget of that product. This is very good option for developers. They do freelancing and work from home as a part time job.

Value price monthly: According to your skill of working you can improve your earning. There are different prices for each type of skill. But in standard you can earn 5k to 1 lakh per month.


  • Freelancer.com
  • Upwork.com
  • Guru.com
  • Toptel.com and many more.
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6. Online writing Job:

There are many website who provide you portal to meet your customer. From this you can get work of online writing or typing. You have to write good content for different purpose like website, thesis, news latter, blogging and many more.

Value price monthly: Generally charges of writing article depends on number of words. $1-$2 is paid for 1000 words. Content quality also matters. You can earn 5k to 20k per month by this skill.


  • Freelancer.com
  • Upwork.com and many more.
7. Data entry job:

There are also many type of online data entry jobs available in market. But in this field there are more risks as per many fraud are also available both offline and online. So don’t pay by your side to any individual. Try to get advance or phase wise price according to your work. It is very simple job, it just require few hours daily by doing work from home and anyone can earn money.

Value price monthly: You can earn 5k to 15k average monthly. It also vary on your location and crowd.


  • bijayinfotech
  • onlinedataentryjob
  • itechfly and many more.
8. Buy and Sell Domain:

This is a smart job but more risk and investments. In this field you can purchase trending domain and sell to to the demanding user at more price.  You can also provide re-seller hosting. This is investing job but very nice job and you can get handsome money. And shortly you can rapidly grow your business. It can also be done as a part time job by doing work from home. If you will do well it will become a good  source of earning.

Value price monthly: You can get money according to your selling and value of your domain. This may be in thousands even in lakhs also. So it will depend upon your investment and knowledge of current trends.


  • Godaddy.com
  • BigRock.com
  • ipage.com
  • Hostgator.com and many more.
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9. Online Survey Job:

There are many companies who provide you survey jobs. In this kind of job company provide all types of facilities. For example one restaurant owner hire you as online job survey analyst. Then they will paid from your side to the restaurant for your expenses in restaurant for every thing. And at last you have to give him a survey that how good that restaurant is in your opinion. This can be done by doing 

work from home one only need to give some time to their work.

Value price monthly: You can earn 10k-20 k average from here with some efforts.


  • surveycompare
  • mysurvey
  • Star panel
  • Toluna
  • iPanelOnline India and many more.
10. Read Ads:

In this type of online job you have to read many ads and company will paid you for each ads reading and investing you time there. You have to day by day have to open some ads.

Value price monthly: You can earn 10k-20k average from here with some efforts.



Hope you will get your earning idea from here and improve your economy. I have given many simple and best ideas to work from home to earn money. If you have any problem and need just comment below or contact us.

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