Solved Government Examinations

Himachal Naib Tehsildar Important General Knowledge

This pdf contains many of solved questions which came in Naib tehsildar 2018 along with some of the previous year solved questions. Justification and Elaboration is also provided for better understanding. Hope you will gain some good knowledge.

Elaboration and Justification of General Science IAS Preliminary

You will learn in detail about every option and why others are not correct. Indian history and economics concepts are also covered here. Please see every solution and compare it with your knowledge and other reference and analyse what you are getting from here. Hope you will like it.

Terminology related to UGC/CBSE NET

Glbaat presents terminology which helps you to understand some of the terms which are asked in the PAPER 1. Questions and their elaboration are prepared with knowledge and hard work and their may be some mistakes also. We are improving and helps you to best of our knowledge.

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