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Location of Delhi

It is stretched over an area of 1483 It lies in the middle of Indian subcontinent between Himalayas and Aravali range.

Which river flows through Delhi

Major river flowing through Delhi is yamuna. Yamuna starts its course in the glacier Yamunorti and flows through Himalayas in the northern plain. It passes through Delhi and then flows towards Agra and finally ends in the Ganga.

Climate of Delhi

It has an extreme climate. It is very hot in summer (april-july) and cold in winter. Average temperature during summer varies between 25 degree Celsius to 45 degree Celsius and 22 to 5 degree Celsius in winter. In short, it has Continental climate which makes the atmosphere cool in winters and hot in summers.

Historical Facts

1.) Name has been derived from Raja Dhillu who has ruled this area for 14 years.
2.) City of Delhi was destroyed and rebuild seven times.
3.) Colonial Architecture of New Delhi was made by Edwin Luyten. He was the architecture of several monuments such as India Gate, Viceroy House (Rashtrapati Bhavan).
4.) Delhi once was a walled city with 14 gates. Now only 5 out of 14 gates are left. These gates are kashmiri, ajmeri, delhi, lahori and turkman gate.

Facts one should know about Delhi

1.) Khari Baoli (in New Delhi) is the largest spice market in the world.
2.) Jama Masjid (Largest mosque in India) is located here.
3.) The only Bahai temple in Asia is located here (Delhi Lotus Temple).
4.) Qutub Minar (build by Qutub-ud-din Aibak) is the tallest tallest brick minaret in the world.
5.) One of the biggest fruit and vegetable market in Asia is located here. (Azadpur Market)
6.) Delhi metro is India’s first modern transportation system.
7.) Feroz Shah Kotla in Delhi is second oldest international cricket stadium in India.
8.) In all of India, Delhi has the largest number of automobile registrations.
9.) Indira Gandhi International Airport (located in Delhi) is the busiest airport in India. Facts in the year 2018 speaks that it is 12th busiest airport in the world and 6th in Asia.
10.) Delhi entire public transport uses compressed natural gas or CNG as its fuel.
11.) Delhi Ridge, a forested region is home to number of birds. Largest number of bird species are found here after Nairobi (capital of Kenya).
12.) Red fort was original white. It was made of limestone. What happens is that white color starts chipping off, Britishers painted the building red.
13.) Delhi is currently most populated city in India and 4th most populated city in the world after Tokyo.
14.) Most expensive commonwealth Games hosted till date is hosted by Delhi.

Voice of Delhi metro

1.) Female voice of Delhi Metro, who speaks in english is Ms. Rini Simon khanna where male voice of delhi metro who speaks in hindi is Mr. Shammi Narang.

Famous places to visit in Delhi

1.) India gate
2.) Hauz Khas
3.) Red fort
4.) Qutab Minar
5.) Lotus Temple
6.) Rashtrapati Bhawan
7.) Chandni Chownk
8.) Jama Masjid
9.) Gurudwara Bangla Sahib
10.) Connaught place
11.) Akshardham Temple
12.) Jantar Mantar
13.) The National Rail Museum
14.) Rose Cafe
15.) Murthal
16.) Raj Ghat
17.) Humayan’s Tomb
18.) Garden of five senses
19.) Birla Mandir
20.) Feroz Shah Kotla fort
21.) The National Zoological Park
22.) Lodhi Gardens

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