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This short but effective article is about bewitching facts about 11 unique animals. I hope you would be amazed while reading these facts. One will come to know about genetic deficiency of cat regarding sweet taste bud, unique feature of fruit bats, ability to turn female by clownfish, low methane emission by kangaroos, no vocal cord in giraffas, four noses of slugs and long sleep of snails. I hope your knowledge about these unique animals would change at the end of this article. Let us dive into these facts quickly

Cats don’t have sweet taste buds

In 2005, scientist from Monell Chemical Senses Center in philadelphia discovered that a genetic deficiency deletes the sugar detector on the taste buds of cat.

Fruits bat does not use echolocation

They have excellent taste of sight and smell. They have neither the specialised body parts needed to produce the necessary clicks. They rely on their large eyes to see at night.

All clownfish are born as males

They are hermaphrodites. They have the ability to turn themselves female but once changes are made they cannot go back to being male.

Only males are called peacocks

Only males are called peacocks. Females are called as peahens and their children are called as peachicks. Collectively they are termed as peafowl.

Ostrich eye is bigger than their brain

They have the biggest eyes in the whole animal kingdom.

Kangaroos produce low methane fats and burps

This is because gas they release contains less methane than released from other grass grazers such as cows, goats. Credit goes to bacteria living inside their digestive tracts. Such study can be very effective in coming times and will enable cows, goats to produce low methane fats and burps. Methane is one of the most harmful contributor of greenhouse effect and is more powerful than carbon dioxide (Methane is 86 times worse for global warming than carbon dioxide)

Giraffas have no Vocal Cord

Griffas do have a larynx (voice box) but perhaps, they could not produce sufficient airflow through their 13-foot long (4 meter) trachea to vibrate their vocal cords and make noise.

Slugs have 4 noses

Slugs have two pairs of tentacles. Tentacles which are located at the top of head has a small black spot at each tip. These are used to detect lightness and darkness. The second pair is located at the lower part of the head. They picks up chemical smell as well as sensitive to touch.

Fingerprints of Koala is identical humans ones

They have fingerprints that are almost identical to human ones.

Snails sleep up to 3 years

Desert snails can sense when the air is dry as they needs salt and moisture to live. During such weather condition they burrow underground in order to retain moisture. They can hibernate up to 3 years waiting for the temperature to become more suitable for them.

The heart of Shrimp is in its head

This location is very safe as head is covered with thick protective substances

Bottom Line

I hope, readers have been surprised from these interesting facts about these unique animals. In a nutshell, every living being on this earth has something special and when some one will explore these, he/she will come to know how special and unique each creature is. I had mentioned only 11 but their is lot to discuss and write. Meanwhile Glbaat (child company of AI Sangam) has written some static facts of the world which you can find from below link

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Thanks again for reading these unique and interesting facts about 11 unique animals

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