Celebrities who Passed away in 2017

Celebrities are like God for their followers and they always remember them throughout their life even if they have left this world. Here is the list of celebrities who passed away in this year and left their followers behind them.

Jim Nabors: He was an American actor, singer and comedian. He died at his Honolulu Hawaii home on November 30,2017 in age 87. He was discovered by Andy Griffith while performing in a local club. He could not play sports during childhood as he was suffering from Asthma.

About Jim Nabors Quote
Jim Nabors

Om Puri: Om Puri is an Harfanmaula Indian actor who appeared in both mainstream Indian films and art films. He has also appeared in American and British movies. He was recipient of Padma shree award in 1990. He died on 6th Jan, 2017 in Andheri Mumbai, Maharashtra India because of heart attack.

Celebrities who Passed away in 2017 About Jim Nabors Quote
Legendary Om Puri

Fats Domino: Also known as Fats-The Fat Man. Famous singer, song writer and musician in New Orleans Louisiana U.S known for Rock and Roll-boogie woogie. Famous personality died on October 24, 2017 (aged 89) in Harvey Louisiana, U.S.

Celebrities who Passed away in 2017 About Fats Domino Quote
Fats-The Fat Man

Robert Guillaume: American actor also known as Benson on the T.V series Soap. He is the recipient of Emmy award. He was Born in St. Louis, Missouri as Robert Williams. Guillaume died of prostate cancer on October 24, 2017 in Los Angeles, California at the age of 89.

Celebrities who Passed away in 2017 About Robert Guillaume Quote

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Hugh Hefner: Businessman and magazine publisher Hugh Hefner was born on April 9, 1926 at Chicago, Illinois. He was editor in chief of playboy magazine and chief creative officer of playboy enterprises. He died at his home in Hoim by Hills, Los Angeles California on Sep 27, 2017. Died because of cardiac arrest, repository failure, sepsis and E coli infection. Hugh’s daughter Christie said “her father was not a person of regrets”.

Celebrities who Passed away in 2017 About Hugh Hefner Quote
Before They Were GONE – Playboy Founder

Harry Dean Stanton: Actor with  gaunt, bedraggled looks and a versatile person who labored in virtual obscurity for decades died of natural causes on September 15, 2017. He is not only an actor, musician, singer but Lieutenant and fought battle of Okinawa.

Celebrities who Passed away in 2017 About Harry Dean Stanton Quote
Gaunt, bedraggled looks

David Cassidy: Born on April 12, 1950. He died because of organ failure well known for playing role of Keith Patridge in ‘Patridge Family’. David made his first band at a very young age of 14 with sam and jim so called The pains of glass. He can play guitar, piano, drum and clarinet.

Celebrities who Passed away in 2017 About David Cassidy Quote
The Partridge Family Show

Miguel Ferrer: Great actor who has worked in number of T.V serials and films. Died because of throat cancer. Having an artistic brilliance in blood, his  biggest breakthrough is role as Bob Morton in movie ‘Robo Cop’. He is the son of academy award winner actor Jose Ferrer and singer Rosemary Clooney.

Celebrities who Passed away in 2017 About Miguel Ferrer Quote
Bob Morton in Robocop

Marry Tyler Moore: She was an Emmy and Tone award winning actress, television star, producer known for her roles on The Dick van Dyke show and The Mary Tyler Moore show. She died on January 25, 2017 at the age of 80 from Cardio pulmonary arrest.

Celebrities who Passed away in 2017 About Marry Tyler Moore Quote
The Dick van Dyke show

Della Reese: Television host, address and singer. Better known for her role ‘Touched by an Angel’. Died on Nov 19, 2017 aged 86. She started singing in the church at a very early age of six. Quite interesting and amazing to know this. Because of her great talent she had been given the opportunity to work with Mahalia Jackson at a young age of 13 years old.

Celebrities who Passed away in 2017 About Della Reese Quote
Touched by an Angel

Barbara Hale: Best known for her role as legal secretary ‘Della Street’ on more than 270 episodes of TV series Perry Mason Died on Jan 26, 2017 with age 94.

Celebrities who Passed away in 2017 Barbara Hale Quote
Della Street

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AI Jarreau: A Versatile vocalist and passionate in pop, R & B and jazz died at age of 76. One interesting fact about him is that he is the first vocalist to receive Grammy awards in pop, R & B and jazz respectively.

Celebrities who Passed away in 2017 Al Jarreau Quote
Grammy winner of Jazz, pop and R&B

John Hurt: His notable work includes role as Richard rich in the film “a man for all season”. He appeared in more than 129 films and dozens of television roles. Died on 25th Jan, 2017 because of pancreatic cancer.

Celebrities who Passed away in 2017 John Hurt Quote
John Hurt, Legendary

Bill Paxton: Actor, film director appeared in famous movies like The terminator, Predator, True lies, Apollo13, Titanic. His notable work includes work in drama series Big love where he earned
Golden Globe awards. Died in Feb 25, 2017 because of stroke.

Celebrities who Passed away in 2017 Bill Paxton Quote
Bill Paxton- Appeared in The Terminator (1984)

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