Name On a Birth Certificate Can Be Added Online

Under the Registration of Births and Deaths Act 1949, if a child’s birth has been registered without a name, the parent or guardian has a prescribed period within which they must provide information regarding the child’s name to the registrar. This information can be shared either orally or in writing, after which the registrar will enter the name in the register along with the initials and date of the entry.

Days have gone when parents used to wait for a month to input the name of their child on the birth certificate. The recent update from the Municipal Corporation of Delhi has simplified their lives.

Here is the update.

Add Name on Birth Certificate Online

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) recently made an announcement stating that parents or guardians can now add their child’s name to the birth certificate online up to four years after the child’s birth. Furthermore, this process will be automatically approved, reducing the waiting time from the previous duration of seven to 10 days, as confirmed by a senior official as per a source.

The decision to extend the time frame for online name additions to birth certificates comes in response to numerous parents who faced difficulties in submitting necessary documents for their children’s school admissions. These parents approached the civic body, highlighting the hassles caused by the lengthy approval process by civic authorities.

Why This Update?

In a statement, the MCD expressed its commitment to citizen convenience and simplification of the system, referring to the step as an important measure taken to empower citizens during the birth registration process. The automatic approval for online name additions up to four years after a child’s birth aims to provide citizens with greater control over the registration process.

The MCD emphasized its dedication to improving civic amenities and utilizing available resources to benefit citizens. By simplifying and ensuring transparency in the system, the MCD aims to minimize unnecessary delays in receiving basic civic amenities, alleviating the need for citizens to rush to corporation offices.

This initiative by the MCD aligns with its ongoing efforts to streamline processes and enhance citizen services. By allowing parents or guardians to add a child’s name to the birth certificate online, the MCD not only simplifies the registration process but also reduces the burden on parents who may have faced challenges due to the previous approval waiting time.

Overall, the MCD’s decision to enable automatic approval for online name additions to birth certificates up to four years after a child’s birth demonstrates their commitment to citizen convenience, efficient service delivery, and the utilization of technology to streamline bureaucratic processes.

People, sometimes, conflict adding name with changing name. However, the procedure can be similar. But, there is a little difference in the documents for verification. That’s why it is suggested to carefully discover which documents are required for the verification in both cases.

Let’s discover the name of documents required.

Checklist of Documents for Adding Name

  • Gas Bill
  • Water Bill
  • Ration Card
  • Electricity Bill
  • Driving Licence
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Bank Passbook
  • Voter ID card
  • NRI or Citizen Passport
  • Rent Agreement (Registered)
  • Any Govt. Recognized Document
  • Telephone Bill (Landline or Postpaid)

Note: Not all of these aforementioned documents are required. You can provide the available name and place proof for the candidate.

Checklist of Documents Required to Change the Name in Birth Proof

This process is similar to adding the name to this document. For altering a name, you should draft an application to send to either the State Gazette Office or State Gazette Office. Generally, the change of name in this certificate requires a few supporting documents to prove. This battle can be won by arranging all requisite papers together because these documents are necessary to verify your application.

So, here is the checklist of those documents.

  • Copy of affidavit
  • Copy of newspaper advertisement
  • Demand draft of the requisite deed
  • Attested passport size photos
  • The matter of the notification that is to be published
  • Three copies of individually drafted applications with relevant documents.

There is another case, which is related to the re-issuance of the birth certificate if it’s lost. In that scenario, you should consider these documents as necessary to support your request.

Checklist of Documents Needed to Enclose if Lost

The specific requirements may vary, depending on the jurisdiction. The authority that can tell about how to re-apply for the lost birth certificate, can share the details regarding supporting documents.  However, in general, you would typically need the following documents:

  1. Application Form: Most competent authorities require you to complete an application form for a replacement birth certificate. This form can usually be obtained from the relevant government agency, authority, or you may download it from its official website.
  2. Proof of Identity: You will typically need to provide proof of your identity to verify your relationship to the individual named on the birth certificate. This can be done through documents such as your passport, driver’s licence, or national identification card.
  3. Proof of Relationship: If you are not the person named on the birth certificate but a relative, you may need to provide additional documentation to establish your relationship to the individual. This could include a marriage certificate, adoption papers, or legal guardianship documents.
  4. Supporting Documents: It is advisable to provide any additional supporting documents that may help verify the details on the lost birth certificate. This could include hospital records, vaccination records, or other relevant documentation.
  5. Fee Payment: There may be a fee associated with reapplying for a lost birth certificate. Ensure you are aware of the applicable fee and make the necessary payment along with your application.

It is important to note that the specific requirements and processes may vary depending on the jurisdiction and the issuing authority. It is recommended to consult the relevant government agency or their website for detailed instructions on reapplying for a lost birth certificate in your specific location.

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