AI-Driven Automation a New Edge in Digital Transformation

It is no longer a secret how businesses are driving towards digitization. Now, every organization tends to manage and operate digitally to meet the market challenges. This transformation is called Digital Transformation. Digital transformation is a part of evolution. It is the process of using upcoming digital technologies to create or upgrade the existing business strategies, culture, and user experience to meet the market requirements. 

This transformation excels the traditional roles such as marketing, customer service, or sales. This is where Digital Transformation opens various creative opportunities and ideas to approach. The approach of doing business and marketing the same in the digital world has been changed. Engaging the customers, marketing the company on social media platforms, and re-imagining business are the following steps to make when your organization is making a digital transformation.  

In the previous generation, we have developed the new digital technology and deployed it. Now, technology itself is evolving every day as we speak. In today’s time, businesses do not work with straight one technology. To keep competing and stand firm in the market, companies must amalgamate various technologies. Artificial Intelligence has drawn many enterprises’ attention, and lots of organizations have adopted it as well.  

This AI-driven automation in Digital Transformation provides insights that are embedded within the business practices. The engaging AI records the patterns from the data, makes decisions on a minute-by-minute to day-by-day basis. It learns, adapts and applies. 

However, before your organization starts applying AI to your business, does your organization speak enough data? Digital Transformation is nothing but a practice of processing and communicating data in various ways. The massive amount of data coming from multiple sources like structured or instructed data should be operated to help you boost your organization so that you can understand your customers, the operating market, and the competitors.  

The comprehensive of data and AI makes automation in various elements in the organization. From talking to Alexa to asking questions to Siri, raising support on the application, to talking to bots on the websites, AI has emerged working with digital data. And all of these with minimal human intervention. 

The company’s growth depends on how the enterprise utilizes the data coming from various sources. The better your digital transformation is, the more chances are to complete your challenges. It is vital to have crucial planning to operate the data. 

Here are the few automations that could emerge your business if you utilize your data with the blend of Artificial Intelligence 

Augmented Analysis: 

When traditional reporting and analyzing meet the growing AI, it serves various insights in many instances. It shows how people are exploring data, how much time they are spending on a specific part of content, etc.  

One of the primary goals to operate Augmented Analysis is to normalize the process of data analytics by performing ‘Natural Language’ queries rather than SQL queries. The Augmented Analytics comes also comes with natural language that offers robust data visualization. At the same time, some of the methods like the Black Box training method can perform unpredictable and cause unwanted results/recommendations. That makes the businesses responsible however their AI system behaves.  


Automation is a kind of practice that can be utilized in every task performed in any given enterprise. From shop floors to white-collar jobs, it has got everywhere. Automation systems like chatbots are not intelligent, but they are simply programmed in a way to communicate with users. At the same time, with the blend of AI, the system could communicate smartly with the users and enhance the user experience.  

The CEO of Genpact, Mr. Sanjay Srivastava, said. “AI is expanding the contours of automation. It allows us to automate things that we previously thought were not possible, allowing us to deal with edge cases,” 

Customer Engagement: Over the tears, the engagement between the user and the brand has been increasing rapidly. Every organization tries to communicate with the users in every possible way to increase liability and engagement. The evolution of digital transformation can use AI to optimize customer engagement. For example, the content could be presented to the user as per their preferences. With the help of AI, the user experience could be more sensitive and personalized.  

Human Resources: One of the departments where AI can be used to help the business. A lot of practices can be automated and be applied with Artificial Intelligence. From scheduling interviews to hiring the candidates, finding the most appropriate candidate for the profile, or raising a ticket against someone alarming to HR, many practices could be steam-line with AI.  Jeanne Meister from Forbes recently said, “HR leaders need to experiment with all facets of AI to deliver value to their organization.” 

Artificial Intelligence is a technology explored by many industries, and many enterprises are yet to know about the same. It is going to be here for a while now. Comprehensive AI has been part of the evolution in organizations to grow enterprises and competitive advantages. The question that arises is how we can make the changes in the organization, find a strategy to meet the milestones, learn the new skills, upgrade the culture as per the requirements and adapt to the global trend that we already have in our personal and professional lives. We need to keep upgrading ourselves and our organizations to sustain in the market, compete and grow, especially when you and your enterprise deal with the technologies and deal with data in day-to-day life.

About Motodata    

Amit Shingala, the CEO & Co-Founder of Motadata talks about AI-Driven Automation in Digital Transformation. He said, “The IT industry is evolving in a blink of an eye. So, you have to upgrade yourself and your organization to stand strong in the market. You simply cannot miss or take granted any trend or the technology.”  

Later Mr. Shingala talks about how his firm has kept on upgrading over the years and served solutions with cutting-edge technologies. They serve as a unified solution for all types of data to monitor. It learns from the recorded data, keeps an eye on the system, and notifies the IT admin team via text or email about the potential errors before they cause any damage. Their team comes up with the updated version called AIOps that uses Natural Language and Artificial Intelligence to monitor your data and keeps you one step ahead. Digital Transformation could be one of the prime examples of how you upgrade yourself with new technologies like Artificial Intelligence to shape the world better. 

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