5 Natural Remedies to Banish Tear Trough Bags & Dark Circles

The face is the mirror of your body. Just look in your mirror and ask if you are healthy. If it pops your eye bags and dark circles under your eye, you seriously need attention and care. There may be another problem, which is tear troughs. These problems can make you look older than you are. Would you ever like that? (For sure, you’d never.)

Let’s help you understand exactly what tear troughs and dark circles are and how they emerge.
Tear Troughs
These are the hollow or depressed areas that start from the inner corner of the eyes and extend towards the outer corners while making a curve under the eyes. Also called the nasojugal groove, this condition disturbs your facial aesthetics. You look old and tired. However, it’s obvious that we all age. Because of this, the skin around the eyes loses its collagen and elasticity, which makes the tear troughs more prominent. This kind of structure creates a tired or sunken appearance. Obviously, the person looks older.
Now, let’s discover another condition associated with it, which is called dark circles.

Dark Circles
Dark circles are a little more pigmented areas just beneath the eyes. They appear darker than the surrounding surface. Why do they emerge? The reason lies in these factors.

1. Genetics: This problem can emerge because of the genes. Perhaps this condition is in a family member.
2. Thin Skin: If you touch the skin around the eyes, you can easily discover how delicate this surface is. Sometimes, blood vessels and underlying structures underneath become more visible because of the thin skin there.
3. Fatigue and Lack of Sleep: Sometimes, an unconventional lifestyle can cause dark circles. People take less sleep, which causes fatigue in the eyes. It can turn that area paler, making blood vessels more pronounced.
4. Allergies and Irritants: Sometimes, allergies can cause inflammation and dilation of blood vessels, which contribute to this skin condition.
5. Sun Exposure: The next reason can be excessive sun exposure. The sun can trigger more melanin production, which causes darkening of the skin around the eyes.
6. Dehydration: Lacking hydration can make your skin dry, which appears dull and sunken. This can also be a factor in causing dark circles.

Why Should These Conditions be Treated?
Tear troughs and dark circles are interrelated. Tear troughs are depressions depression, which can create shadows, making dark circles more noticeable. Additionally, the collagen and fat accumulation under and around the skin can cause its thinning, which noticeably causes tear troughs and dark circles.
These conditions are different yet interrelated. Where the tear troughs are related to the structural aspect, dark circles have connections with pigmentation, lifestyle, and vascularity. These conditions must be addressed to look young and have healthy skin.

To address these conditions, one has to focus on improving their lifestyle. Some topical treatments and cosmetic procedures are also helpful in getting rid of them. One can control these conditions to a certain extent by introducing moisturizers, sunscreen, eye creams, etc. These changes can give you a little more control over your undereye condition. And for significant changes, you have to try non-invasive cosmetic procedures such as dermal fillers for tear troughs, laser resurfacing to eliminate pigmentation, and facial rejuvenation. A qualified skin specialist can help you determine the best approach and procedure in accordance with your concerns and goals.

In the meantime, you can work on yourself. Take adequate water and sleep to at least proactively control lifestyle factors. Besides, you can try some proven home remedies, which are natural and can be a holistic strategy to reduce dark circles & troughs. Let’s talk about some remedies that can be done with things in your kitchen.

Home Remedies for Tear Trough and Dark Circles

Let’s figure out some effective remedies.
1. Cucumber for Eyes
Cucumber is famous for its cooling capacity. You can use it for the cooling purpose. Just utilize its natural cooling property. For it, you need to cut a fresh cucumber into slices. Take two of them and put on your tired and puffy eyes for 5–10 minutes. Or, you can grate and strain its juice. Dip two cotton swabs in it. Keep them in the refrigerator for 15 minutes. And then, put them on both eyes. This remedy can help your eyes absorb antioxidants and moisture. This cooling remedy will narrow down blood vessels in that region, which reduces swelling. Also, the antioxidants start nourishing the skin. If you try it regularly, your skin will look fresh and revived.

2. Tea Bag Compress
Tea bags contain caffeine. This remedy can prove a real game changer by soothing your tear troughs. Caffeine is known for its ability to soothe inflammation in blood vessels, which reduces fluid retention. This makes a huge difference, as you can see the problem of puffy eyes reduce significantly.
To try this home remedy, you need two tea bags, which can be filled with green or black tea. Dip them in hot water, and then bring them out. Let them cool, but don’t let them dry. Place them over the closed lids of your eyes for at least 20 minutes. The antioxidants pair with its astringent property, which makes it a potent remedy to reduce tiredness in baggy eyes. You can try it regularly and promote blood circulation. It also helps in enhancing skin tone, which minimizes dark circles.

3. Aloe Vera Gel
It is also called a soothing elixir. In Ayurveda, it is also known for its outstanding healing properties. Aloe vera gel can be applied to the eye and massaged gently to remove under-eye bags. The gel consists of vitamins, minerals, and lots of antioxidants, which your skin and eyes need. Its application promotes skin elasticity. And if there is any puffiness or inflammation, its magnificent effect reduces it.
So, you need to take a fresh aloe vera leaf and draw a small amount of gel to apply under your eyes. Once applied, move your index and middle fingers gently around your eyes as you’re massaging. It helps its properties penetrate and reduce puffiness. The gentle massage strokes improve blood circulation there, which increases collagen production and elasticity. Its regular use hydrates the skin and makes it firmer, smoother, and softer around the eyes. Also, the cell turnover enhances the skin tone in that area.

4. Rosewater
Rosewater is used as a natural toner. It has anti-inflammatory properties and helps rejuvenate the skin. You can prepare it by boiling rose petals in the vessel. Just put them in the boiling water and collect their vapors in a saucer. This will be pure rose water. Now, you need cotton swabs. Dip them in that rose water and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Then, bring them out to place on your eyes. Keep them for 15 minutes. Afterward, your eyes will be soothed and refreshed. Its astringent properties reduce puffiness and dark circles. Its natural fragrance calms them down, reducing their tiredness. Its regular application can help your blood circulate smoothly, and over time, you’ll notice revitalized eyes.

5. Potato Slices
Potatoes are known for their bleaching capacity and anti-inflammatory properties. You can take out the juice from a potato and apply it as an effective remedy that banishes tear-trough bags. Or, you can directly place two thin slices of raw potato over closed eyes for 15–20 minutes. After this duration, you can see how effectively it reduces puffiness and also lightens dark circles. Actually, raw potatoes contain enzymes. These are found to be very effective in skin lightening. That’s why they are called natural brightening agents. You can use this remedy regularly to have a more even skin tone. Also, your under-eye bags will also disappear in a few days.

The aforementioned remedies are effective and can help minimize puffy eyes and dark circles. Also, they can be helpful in addressing the tear-trough problem. You must be consistent while applying these remedies. Also, nothing can be better than following a healthy lifestyle. Lubricate your body by taking an adequate amount of water.

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