2pcs Smart Socket Tivenere Smart Plug

Tackle every problem with a smart solution. Technology has made a great hit since the last decade and brought an outrageous rebellion in everyone’s life. To experience the ease of life, you don’t need to go for the expensive installation of a Smart and remote controlled Plugs home system in your house. Because now internet-based smart plugs will serve you with intellectual property in terms of a tiny brain. You have more to explore with the availability of detailed options in the downward scenario.

We have made a great selection for you in today’s article that meets the requirements of the RoHS directive and CE certified with the foremost objective of your safety. Tivenere is an Italian Brand and has brought a real revolution in terms of a Tivenere Smart Socket.

It’s time to say goodbye to untidy and outdated outlets and transform your home with Tivenere smart socket. You can schedule your routine with just a single click from your device.

Via Wi-Fi network, remotely controlled electrical socket works with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Echo. You can confidently run your various small appliances with a smart outlet. It deteriorates the need to be in arm’s distance, or even be home for operating and controlling them. You can handle home appliances with the aid of your smartphone or virtual assistant.

Its smart functionality does not demand any intervention on your electrical system and has made installation easy and immediate. Just plug them and commence utilizing them without any restriction. You can make its use for the purpose of fast charging of your smartphone devices.

It would not be wrong to say, live smart and do smart when you have a Tivenere smart plug.  It’s a mini home automaton that is a perfect replacement for an expensive smart home system.

The smart outlet is compatible with both the Android and iOS operating systems. You can access the control via your iPad, tablet, or smartphone, as its apps (Smart Life / TuyaSmart) are available for Android and iOS systems. The installation of a voice command spec is something that everyone favors. Such convenience is real peace of mind.

Now you can locate household consumption history in real-time with the availability of smart applications. Control the connected lights from a sofa, turn on or off the juicer machine, set a timer for a coffee maker from your bed, handle the electrical water heater, or program the switching on and off of your electrical outlet.

Another amazing fact is that its app also works when the phone is switched off, and the device can also be controlled by data traffic. It supports up to 16 Amps, and the Wi-Fi works at 2.4 GHz.

Tivenere smart plug comes in a compact packing with two smart sockets and an instructional manual in the package.

With so many options out there, you would like to prefer the amazing one with a blend of smart technicalities. Tivenere Smart and remote controlled Plugs is a complete bundle of high-quality specs with reliable manufacturing.

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