Top 10 Green Technologies for the Home

The truth is that many of us are not fully familiar with the concept of green home technology. Although it currently lacks an established definition, it refers to all those devices, methods, and processes that promote complete harmony between the environment and the satisfaction of human needs. Now let’s dive into the list.

1). Harnessing Solar Energy Home Technology

To produce electricity from renewable sources, we must use smart technology for the home called the photovoltaic system. This type of energy transforms solar energy into electrical energy without emitting any type of pollution, avoiding the emission of greenhouse gases. Another advantage is that the installation of these systems can be adapted to practically any place and can be of any size. 

The modules have a long life span (they can last up to 25 years) without requiring too much maintenance and also offer savings of between 50 and 99%, depending on the customer’s needs.

2). Eco-friendly Appliances for Housework

The purchase of appliances with a higher degree of energy efficiency becomes an essential activity if you want to introduce the concept of sustainability in a home. For this, the leading brands have rushed to develop the best kitchen gadgets for cleaning and kitchen tasks (washing machine, refrigerator, dryer, oven …) that allow energy savings. 

How can you identify them? Easy. You will get all the necessary information through the energy efficiency label.

3). Solar Heaters

The energy used in your home to heat water accounts for approximately 47% of your energy expenditure. This new home technology is designed to completely avoid pollution and capture the clean and inexhaustible energy of the sun. Thus, the investment in solar heaters is extremely worth it, as they can last several years with very easy care and without the need to be replaced. 

Besides, the home technology will not hinder you by stealing space in your home, since it is usually installed on the roof. 

4). Ecological Air Conditioning

Yes, there is also the ecological version of air conditioning, the great protagonist of our summers. With this home technology, we will obtain outstanding cooling while contributing to the environment. And is that in addition to being healthy and beneficial, this system is capable of saving up to 90% of energy compared to traditional air conditioning, with a much lower environmental impact. 

5). Low Flow Toilet

Modern low-flow toilets and double-flush toilets in full mode can reduce water consumption by up to 20% compared to standard, and double-flush toilets up to 50% in low-flush mode.  This home technology reduces water consumption and also reduces the load on wastewater treatment facilities in your area.

If you are connected to a septic tank system, this will reduce the load on your drain field. A better option would be a waterless composting bath, however many areas don’t allow such toilets yet.

6). Solar Hot Water

Perhaps the biggest hit of your investment, the solar water heater can reduce your hot water energy needs by 50% or more. Combined with a shower water heater, it can result in considerable energy savings over more conventional hot water storage systems. Some consider it the leading green home technology of the decade, and it definitely has the potential to expand.

7). Modular Rainwater Harvesting System

This system works with a small tank that is installed and the rain enters a filter that disinfects the water so that it can later be used to water plants or to clean. This water is not drinkable, but it can be reused for other activities. It is estimated that a home with this system installed can collect up to 1,500 gallons of water in a storm. Imagine all the water that we could save with this system!

8). Reflective coatings

This system works as a waterproofing technology for the home, it is a coating that seeks to decrease the amount of heat that enters homes, this way your home or office will be cooler and you will not have to use fans or air conditioning. In addition to helping the environment it will reduce your electricity costs.

9). Photovoltaic system

This is a system that generates electricity from solar energy. With this home technology installed in your home, you will stop depending on the electrical distribution networks, since it will generate a fair amount of energy for your home consumption.

10). Tubular Skylights

Tubular skylights are a great home technology for introducing natural light into a building without having the large hole in the ceiling of a traditional skylight. Some types of tubular skylights that use fiber optic cables allow light to penetrate down to other levels of the building, including the basement. 

This allows natural light to reach spaces that would otherwise require electric light while avoiding the heat transfer and potential leaks that occur with conventional skylights.

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