How to Deal with Examination Fear and Overcome it?

Exam fear has a negative effect on the mental well-being of a student. Through this anxiety and stress, a student’s capacity to perform also gets badly affected. In the present scenario, the growing issues like academic stress and exam fear are a cause of concern for the stakeholders and it is important to curb and overcome them before they become serious.

So, let us touch upon this sensitive topic and see how we can deal with exam fear

Let’s start by understanding, what is exam fear?

In simple words, exam fear is the phobia of examinations. Very often students experience a state of anxiety and stress regarding their exams.
This phobia is generally the uncontrolled exam fear and leads to medical conditions like depression etc.

Additionally, examination phobia can also lead to:

  • Frustration

  • Anxiety

  • Fear

  • Stress

  • Aches (stomach and head commonly)

  • Forgetfulness

  • Dizziness etc.

How can a student deal with it?

Through our conscious choices and practices, students can overcome examination phobia to a great extent.

Let’s see some quick tips that can reduce and counter examination phobia:

Being systematic-

Students of an online school or a traditional school should always follow a set schedule of studying. They should plan their day and take up portions of topics uniformly. Remember leaving topics for the last hour, adds to stress levels.

Periodic revisions-

To reduce your academic stress, avoid and overcome the exam fear, it is necessary to plan periodic revisions. Once a student is thorough with the subjects, it will automatically reduce the chances of developing phobias. Even during online schooling, the importance of revising should not be belittled.

Taking adequate rest and staying healthy-

A relaxed mind adds to one’s educational productivity. A good night sleep and rest during studies is quite important. These breaks and meals can play a vital role in reducing issues like examination phobia. Additionally, tips to reduce anxiety and stress management techniques can also help.

What parents can do

As parents, we can help in reducing the chances of issues like examination phobia and academic stress. Simple changes in our attitude and selection of words can help our children greatly. For eg- if we choose not to compare our child with his siblings or others, it will not add to his academic stress. Also, our simple words of motivation and understanding of the individual differences can also make our child free from these phobias. These simple practices can free the child from the shackles of huge expectations, thereby not only reducing the chances of developing such exam fear, it even helps to overcome them.

Apart from all this, parents can also opt for other options for schooling, to suit their children specially.

Virtual schooling also reduces the academic stress of students

Yes! A simple yet effective solution. A digital medium can help your child to complete school education without causing academic stress. Because today, the best practices of online learning platforms are based on researched methodologies that help in reducing the stress levels in students. Through online education, it is now possible to channelize a student’s energy and make him focused on constructive learning.

Technology-based education creates a happy learning environment

With a balanced approach and the modern strategies of imparting education, online platforms integrate examinations into the education system without attaching excessive importance to it. This helps in purposeful learning without any exam phobia.

Online education can also help in reducing examination phobia by reducing peer pressure

Yes! The core elements of an online educational platform can be a credible solution for issues like examination phobia. As these platforms deliver personalized instructions, the peer pressure in a student’s academic journey gets reduced.  Unlike a traditional classroom, these platforms do not inculcate a sense of unnecessary competitiveness in students. In this way, they manage the academic stress level of students and succeed in reducing the examination phobia as well. Broadly, online schooling focuses on students as individual learners with respective skillsets and attaches equal importance to their personalities.


Examination phobia can be because of numerous reasons. Peer pressure, academic stress, rat-race of admissions and high expectations from the family are some common reasons. However, if we know how to handle our time, work, and energy well, these issues can be avoided.

So, let’s aim at overcoming these fears forever and focus only on learning for excellence!

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