How deep learning changes your life in unexpected way

Basically deep learning is very important part of machine learning which is developed to bring machine learning closer to most important area i.e.  Artificial Intelligence. From past years almost before 2015, AI was just a part of our imagination. It was just a concept since 2015 on which researchers were working. now deep learning has come into existence. 

After 2015, AI started exploding. This becomes possible because of increase in technology. Various technologies are being introduced since 2015 which makes AI possible somehow. Especially after the introduction of GPU, machine learning lead to a boom. After GPU was introduced, we become able ton do multiple tasks at same time with very high speed and low processing time. It made our work more faster and easier at very cheap rate. It provides us huge storage through which we can store huge data very easily at low cost. Basically deep learning is a network of interconnected neural network units. 

deep learning changes your life in unexpected way
deep learning


AI vs machine learning

Basically deep learning is a part of machine learning and it was introduced to bring us closer to AI. First question arises in everyone’s mind is what is AI? What is the difference between machine learning and AI? Let me tell you about AI and how machine learning differs from AI  i.e. machine learning vs Artificial Intelligence.

Both machine learning and AI are often used interchangeably, specially for handling big data. But these are not same. Lets discuss some points about machine learning vs artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is a part of machine learning. Artificial Intelligence is based on making a machine intelligent which carried out its tasks based on algorithms in an intelligent manner. It is not complete machine learning it’s a part of that. On the other hand machine learning is building an ability of a machine to get trained from a set of data and learn from them, and make future predictions or we can say generate results according to that data processing.

We train the systems using neural networks and try to make them capable to think like humans. These neural networks play a vital role in training a machine to think like humans. The Neural networks works with a series of algos through which our system can recognise all possible patterns as our brain works. Through neural networks we can extract the meaning of complicated data.

On the other hand deep learning is also a subset of machine learning which is known as another deeper level of machine learning. It is a deep neural network which includes various layers .These layers are used to process the data and to divide it in various classes and will work like decision trees. It will train huge data in a simple manner and will make data meaningful for us and this data is used for future predictions.

Some  important applications of deep learning:

Lets discuss about various applications of deep learning which tells us how it will change our life. Different types of technology we developed using it, how much powerful it is. Some of it’s applications are as follows:

1.Changing Colors of photos:

Using it now we are able to colour our black and white photos. Nowadays we all use filters on our photos using various effects. That technology becomes possible just because of it. Basically deep learning actually finds the pattern that naturally occurs in photos for example grass is natural green and using these patterns it will give colours to our pictures.

2. Speech to Text Conversion:

It’s the one of the best technology introduced using deep learning. Nowadays we don’t need to write a message we just simply speak and machine will write it for us. This becomes possible only because of deep learning. Deep learning will recognize the pattern between the voice and words through which it makes technology like speech to text conversion possible.


This is also one of the most successful technology developed using deep learning. Now we don’t need to hire persons for customer care services. We can use chat robots which will do reply to customers for us. And Moreover, a person can handle a single client at one time but a ChatBot can handle number of clients at same time. Using this, we train a dataset which covers all replies and conversation between various people. It will recognise pattern of replies according to a question and will do future predictions or we can say give replies accordingly.

4.Self-Driving Cars:

We all had heard about it. One of the vast technology among all. This all becomes possible just because of it. An automatic car which runs itself without any human intervention. This car will detect objects automatically which includes people and road signs too. This technology will actually tell us the potential of deep learning. How it will change our life.

5.Voice generation:

This technology is opposite of speech to text conversion. This is also a great technology introduced using it. We can also generate voice from the text which becomes possible only through deep neural networks.

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6. Music Composition:

Another application of deep learning is music composition. Well known Example of Francesco Marchesani who trained the computer to compose music like my favorite classical composer Chopin. After the computer learns the patterns and statistics that are unique to the music of Chopin, it creates a completely new piece.

7. Adding Sounds to Silent Movies:

One of the coolest application of deep neural networks is automatically adding sound to silent movies. Through deep learning models which is built with pre-recorded sounds of database to select a sound for future predictions of what happened in scene. It is one of the best technology introduced by deep learning.

8. Automatic Machine Translation:

Another well known technology introduced by deep learning using neural networks is automatic machine translation system. Nowadays we have systems which will translate our language into various other languages. This helps us in communicating with all kinds of people in world. This amazing technology will become possible just because of deep learning.

                                    I hope this post will be helpful for all of you. Now we all know how deep learning can change our life. How much potential it have. We can use AI in such a way which can work for humanity and development. But we should not forgot that every thing has its negative impacts too. We all know how powerful deep learning is. We can make many impossible concepts possible through deep neural networks. But it is important to remember that we should use technology like deep learning in a positive manner which will be beneficial for all. I hope this post will give you idea about present and future of deep learning.