Know about Top 10 Richest Athletes in the World

  • Micheal Jordan: Micheal Jordan is known as MJ, who is a professional Basketball (NBA) player and a good businessman. He is the owner of Charlotte Hornets which is an American basketball team. He played 15 seasons of NBA game for the team Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards. In a biography of NBA website it is written that “Micheal Jordan is the greatest basketball player”. According to Forbes magazine between June 2009 to June 2010 he was ranked 20th most powerful celebrity in the world. 
    • Net worth: $1.31 Billion according to Forbes.
    • Born: February 17, 1963 (age 54) (Brooklyn, New York).Micheal Jordan

      Micheal Jordan one of the top athlete

  • Vince McMahonVince McMahon is an American professional wrestler also working in many areas like an actor, film producer, wrestling promoter, commentator. Currently, Vince McMahon is working as CEO and chairman of WWE. Also,  is the father-in-law of “Paul “Triple H” Leveque (WWE executive/wrestler)”. Up to 2006, he had a $40Million mansion in Greenwich, a 12 Million penthouse in Manhattan and a $20 Million vacation home. He also dropped $750 Million after falling the stocks of WWE. 
    • Net worth: $1.3 Billion.
    • Born: August 24, 1945 (age 72) (Pinehurst, North Carolina, U.S.).Vince McMahon

      Vince McMahon one of the top athlete

  • Micheal Schumacher: Micheal Schumacher is a retired German racing driver, he raced for Benetton, Jordan Grand Prix and Ferrari in Formula One which is a World championship of single-seat auto racing. Micheal Schumacher is one of the only drivers who won seven Formula One world championship and in those seven he won five championships consecutively. He is “statistically the greatest driver the sport has ever seen”according to the official website of Formula One. In 2004 he was a highest paid athlete in the world with salary  $80 million. 
    • Net worth: $800 Million.
    • Born: 3 January 1969 (age 49) (Hürth, West Germany).Micheal Schumacher

      Micheal Schumacher is one of top athlete of the world

  • Tiger WoodsTiger Woods is an American professional golfer. He was the most successful golfer of all time. Throughout several years he was one of the highest paid athletes in the world. Tiger Woods has created and broken many of records in Golf. A record of being awarded eleven times with PGA Player of the year was made by him. Further, he won  Eighteen times World Golf Championship and Net worth between 1996 to 2007 was $769,440,709. According to Forbs Magazine, he was in the ninth rank of world’s highest-paid athletes. 
    • Net worth: $740 Million.
    • Born: December 30, 1975 (age 42) (Cypress, California).Tiger Woods

      Tiger Woods is one of the top athletes in the world

  • Roger Staubach: Roger Staubach is a quarterback player of football in NFL (National Football League). He named six times PRO BOWL in his NFL career of eleven years. He had been also served on U.S. Navy. He was Most Valuable Player of Super Bowl VI. 
    • Net worth: $600 Million.
    • Born: February 5, 1942 (age 75) (Cincinnati, Ohio).Roger Staubach

      Roger Staubach is one of the richest athletes in the world

  • Magic JohnsonMagic Johnson is a retired basketball player. Currently, he is basketball operational president of Los Angeles Lakers Teams of NBA(National Basketball Team). He won most valuable player in his rookie season during 1980. There are many achievements he got in his career like twelve All-Star Game, Nine NBA final appearance, Three awards of NBA MVP and many more. 
    • Net worth: $600 Million.
    • Born: August 14, 1959 (age 58) (Lansing, Michigan).Magic Johnson

      Magic Johnson is one of the richest athlete in the world

  • Junior BridgemanJunior Bridgeman is a Basketball player of America. He earns estimated $600 million. For reaching this level franchising was one of the major things of earning. He franchised over 160 Wandy’s restaurants and more than 120 chili’s restaurants. Mostly he plays the game for the team Milwaukee Bucks of NBA (National Basketball Association). Also, he devoted 12-years to NBA. 
    • Net worth: $600 Million.
    • Born: September 17, 1953 (age 64) (East Chicago, Indiana).Junior Bridgeman

      Junior Bridgeman a rich athlete

  • Floyd MayweatherFloyd Mayweather is Professional Boxer and Boxing promoter of America. He held many world title in his careers in many championships like a lineal championship and five weight classes. He retired with a great undefeated record of 50-0. Floyd Mayweather was two times winner of The Ring magazine’s Fighter of the Year award, six times winner of Best Fighter ESPY Award and three times winner of Boxing Writers Association of America Fighter of the Year. 
    • Net worth: $565 Million. 
    • Born: February 24, 1977 (age 40) (Grand Rapids, Michigan, U.S.).Floyd Mayweather

      Floyd Mayweather

  • David BeckhamDavid Beckham is a professional football player who played for many teams like Manchester United, Real Madrid, Milan, Preston North End, Paris Saint-Germain, LA Galaxy, and the England national team. He made the record for winning the league in four countries in England, France, the United States and Spain. In his career, e played for 20 Year and won many championships like six times the Premier League, the FA Cup twice,  UEFA Champions League and many more. 
    • Net worth: $450 Million.
    • Born: 2 May 1975 (age 42) (Leytonstone, London, England).
  • David Beckham

    David Beckham

  • Roger FedererRoger Federer is a professional tennis player of Switzerland and currently holding 2nd rank in the world in men’s singles tennis by ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals). He also continuously remains at 1st rank men’s single tennis by ATP for 302 weeks. He has many world title like won eight times Wimbledon titles, five times  US Open titles, five times Australian Open titles and one time French Open title. 
    • Net worth: $400 Million.
    • Born: 8 August 1981 (age 36) (Basel, Switzerland).Roger Federer

      Roger Federer

Are you aware of Google Android 8.0 Oreo

Now it’s the time to have more powerful and smarter mobile operating system i.e Google Android 8.0 Oreo. This version is smarter, powerful, faster and sweeter than ever released version. I am telling about Google Android 8.0 Oreo, Android Nougat 7.*.* is going to be old now. Its last release date was 5th December 2017. The session of the first and last release of Android Nougat was 22nd Aug 2016 to 5th Dec 2017. In the same session, you will wonder that Google has already released its updated version before.

Google Android 8.0 Oreo
Google Android 8.0 Oreo

The general availability of Google Android Oreo 8.0 was on 21st August 2017. In starting it was released on 17th May 2017 of its beta version for developer testing. And from the general release, you can easily use it if your device is compatible with it.

In the newest version of Android, there are many updated new features. One by one its new features is discussed below.

  1. 2x Faster: According to its practical measurement on Google Nexus phone it is 2x faster. It also takes very less time for boot.
  2. Less background Process: This newest and updated version will help your phone to minimize the background process so that your phone can speed up and also occupy less memory at the runtime and consume RAM storage.
  3. Picture-in-picture: It is the latest feature which is available to check on YouTube. Actually, in this feature, you can do two work at the same time like one video is still playing in the minimized window at right bottom corner while you can also visualize a list of videos or images or other App. In You-Tube App or prime subscribe you can also check same features. This is very time-saving and smart feature.
  4. Notification Dots: You can also see advance features of notification of an app. After getting the notification you will able to see dots on that particular App and check the notification after pressing the dots at the same place. Further, they can be cleaned from there.
  5. Auto-fill Forms: Feature of today’s web form auto-filling is also available. You will also be able to auto-fill your form with user-name and password. There is smart cookies management system in Google Android 8.0 Oreo.* to handle this feature.
  6. Android Instant Apps: If you do not want to install any one-time use Apps then Google Android 8.0 Oreo is the best version of Android for you. It provides the facility so that you can use App in the browser instantly without any need for the installation of that App.
  7. Google Play Protect: For securing your mobile and your data every day 50 billion Apps are provided. Available scanning apps which make device safe.
  8. Emoji: In this lot of new types of Emoji are available over 60 Emoji. These are completely redesigned Emoji. The version support Unicode-10.
  9. Battery lifesaver: Battery mode is automatically customizable for the different type of working time like playing, working, talking or streaming. It will control its use smartly.

Except all of these new features and updates, there are also many new kinds of stuff and updates for better user experience.

  1. Accessibility volume for better user experience having audio disabilities.
  2. Accessibility button: for easy reach of App using magnification, speech button for search
  3. Adaptive icons: Android developers are provided with a good squared shaped icon.
  4. Ambient screen, Background location limits, Deep color, easy Downloadable fonts and many more features are available.

One more great feature of Google Android 8.0 Oreo is for latest technology integration. In Google Android 8.0 Oreo OS you can easily integrate Tensorflow lite for use of Machine learning App. Using this feature you can create or use custom machine learning API and able to make your phone smarter.

For security reason, Google Android 8.0 Oreo.* also interface with “Rollback Protection”. Using this feature you will unable to roll back the previous version of Android. So that by any leakage of the previous version your data may not be threatened.

Availability: This version is publicly available since 21st August 2017. But all smartphone is not compatible with it. You can update your phone if your phone is one of  Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Pixel C,  Nexus Player, and both Pixel smart-phones. Also currently there is many latest phone on the market having Android Oreo v8.0. Probably in upcoming six months there will be many phones having Android Oreo v8 or it updated version.

Its last released version 8.1.0 was released on 2nd January 2018. For more information, you can visit the official version of Android (click here).


Bitcoin: A renaissance in Finance and Money

Well, well, well word bitcoin is the most spoken word especially in stock marketing since 29 November, 2017 when news hits that Bitcoin surges through $11,000 in less than 24 hours.  Many times readers have come across the word cryptocurrency  while reading the context of bitcoin. What is cryptocurrency? Let me explain you in plain english so that it may enters your head with ease. Cryptocurrency can be stated as beginning of secure digital transaction. I am not wrong if i say that it is the money of future. It is a digital medium of exchange which involves the process of cryptography to secure its transaction and creation of new coins. It is different from normal currencies like USD whose value is controlled by government whereas cryptocurrencies are fully decentralized and government has no control on it. Let me move straightforward towards the topic of this article and justify why bitcoin would be the future of money or a renaissance in finance. Bitcoin uses block chain as its building block and security of blockchain is its describing feature. Hackers have to solve complex computational problems and have to alter every single block and links in the chain and almost approximately half of the computers involved in mining the block chain. This is nearly impossible. This level of security in the transaction makes bitcoin future of money and renaissance in finance. Though there may be many gimmicks or drawbacks or loop holes in this digital currency but this has provided a new way of life and enhances a new level of security.

Now let us see the key difference between other currencies and bitcoin. If I am taking about USD or euro or other major currencies of the world these are referred as Fiat currency whose value is backed by the government whereas bitcoins are created by the decentralized process called mining. Mining is done by skilled persons called bitcoin miners and special hardware is used for securing the network. One key feature in creation of new bit coins lies in its creation at fixed rate. These rates have been defined by Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of bitcoin in his paper Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System published in 2008. As process involved in creating is mining hence it is often compared with gold which shares the same process. Bitcoin uses  Blockchain (public ledger of all transaction) to add records of a new transaction and are added in blocks roughly every 10 minutes. Ledger plays a very important role and is needed by every node to confirm the validity of transaction. Bit coin miner which are expertise in mathematics solves complex mathematical  problem using appropriate software  and succeeds in creating a new block and received certain amount of bitcoin as reward. Roughly speaking after every four years, block reward is halved. In plain English approach is miners uses their hardware to verify  valid transaction, put them in blocks, solve the mathematical problem  during the process called hashing and getting new blocks added to the blockchain.


Following reason explain why bitcoin beat dollar or any other relevant currency:

  1. No intermediate between sender and receiver needed: Bitcoin is a decentralised type of currency and hence banks have no control over it. some relief from banking system is achieved.
  2. Bitcoin is rebuilding free marketers capitalism or democracy in financial system : Bitcoin is trying to free market and invention. This will lead to increased economy.
  3. Bitcoin appreciation versus dollar inflation: Inflation means when more money is circulated in the market and hence price of money is decreased. but when bitcoin is referred it has a set amount of bitcoins in the circulation (12.5 new bitcoins are added into circulation in every 10 minutes). When more people enter in the market price of bitcoin increases. Statistics says that value of bitcoin has increased 50% in 2016, whereas price has risen to 35% in 2015.
  4. Bitcoin enhances more security than dollar’s security: Bitcoin has no single point of failure, network is more secure. Bitcoin unlike the fiat money is consumer driven. Bitcoin uses SHA-256 encryption for both its proof-of-work (POW) system and transaction verification security of bitcoin lies in transaction blockchain. Bitcoin wallet can be stored offline and hence eliminating the risk of being bitcoin wallet stolen.

Disadvantages of Bitcoin:

  1. Bitcoin are not wisely accepted: Bitcoin are only accepted by a few online merchants. So whole world cannot rely on this currency.
  2. Corruption of wallet: Since wallet can be stored offline, it has chance to be corrupted by virus or hard disk can crash.
  3. No Physical form: It can not be directly used in stores and needs to be converted in another form.
  4. Decentralised Nature: This nature is both curve and blessing. As it has no central authority governing it. No one can guarantee its minimum valuation.

Future Scope of Bitcoin:

Bitcoin does not have physical form, hence needs to be converted to another form to use in stores and many other places.This issue needs to be addressed. Further, bitcoin is not widely accepted system as it is a new concept and people has less believe in it till now but as every coin has two sides let us see optimistic point with regard to bitcoin. It is a open system and anyone in the world can access to it. If you look at the banking system around the world, many people do not have access to banking system and hence it will be boon for such people. Another feature which makes it effective and trending is its decentralized nature which makes it more transparent. Considering all the points, it will be not false to say that bitcoin would be future of the money. But still it takes time and trust of people on it will be needed.


List of Harmful Flowers all over the World

1. White Snakeroot

Other Name:  (White Sanicle or Tall Boneset, Richweed, Ageratina altissima)

Native Place: North America

White Snakeroot found in North America
White Snakeroot flower

It is found in dense growth of wood at the time of late summer or fall. This flower do not harm or kill human till now. When any pet or cattle eat this flower the toxic of flower goes inside them. Further when people use their milk and meat that toxic enter inside human body. This toxic milk is also known as milk sickness and it can cause upto death. At early of 19th century thousands of unfamiliar European Americans were killed due to this reason. Also Nancy Hanks Lincoln (Mother of  Abraham Lincoln) died due to this flower.

Sign and Effect: Depression, Nasal Discharge, Arched body posture, Excessive Salivation and Difficulty in breathing.

2. Doll’s eyes

Other Name:  (White Baneberry, Actaea Pachypoda)

Native Place: North America, Eastern Canada, Midwestern and Eastern United States.

This flower’s plant is mostly found in hardwood and mixed forest. It looks like beautiful eyes of dolls so named as Doll’s eyes. Due to its sweet taste many times children eat them. Whole plant including berries of this flower are very poisonous. This is also very toxic to birds.

Sign and Effects: Sadactive effect on human cardiac muscles and quick death.

3. Angel’s Trumpets

Other Name:  Brugmansia, Closely related to Datura (Dhatura known in India)

Native Place: South America, whole world.

Angels Trumpets
Angels Trumpets found in South America

This flower looks like a pendulum ball. It is found in many colors like white, pink, orange, yellow. It is used in drugs or medicines but excess of using it cause many toxicity.  Overdose of ] this flower produce “Zombi Effect”.

Sign and effect : Paralysis of smooth muscles, dry mouth, migraine headaches, diarrhoea, visual and auditory hallucinations, death.

4. English Yew

Other Name:  (European yew,Taxus baccata)

Native Place: Western, Central and Southern Europe, Northwest Africa, Northern Iran and Southwest Asia.

English Yew
English Yew found in Europe

Only the part of berries armor is eaten by bird. This is very sweet in taste. Whole part of this yew plant is toxic to human. More than 50g of this cause very harmful effects to human. Its leaves are more poisonous than its seeds.

Sign and Effect: Muscle Tremors, Increases in heart beat rate, Difficulty in Breathing, Collapse, Cardiac Arrest, death may occur within hours.

5. Water hemlock

Other Name:  (Cicuta)

Native Place: North America.

Water Hemlock
Water Hemlock found in North America

It is a highly poisonous plant and contains high level of cicutoxin which is close to unsaturated aliphatic alcohol. This is so toxic that any minimal amount of injecting in body cause to death. Even its poison can be injected in body by touching and rubbing it. Within 15 minutes it can cause death.

Sign and Effect:  Nausea, Tremors, Abdominal Pain, Confusion, Dizziness, Weakness and Drowsiness, Respiratory Failure and vomiting.

6. Wolf’s bane

Other Name: (Aconite, Monkshood, Leopard’s bane, Mousebane, Women’s bane, Devil’s helmet, queen of poisons or blue rocket, Aconitum).

Native Place: Northern Hemisphere mountain part.

Wolf’s Bane
Wolf’s bane found in Northern Hemisphere mountains

It is used to hunt animal in many countries. Also it is used as warfare in China. It is found in different colors like blue-purple, greenish or Neutral or intense blue. Its effect shows immediate results and extra dose can cause instant death. Also used as medicine in Ayurveda, chinese medicine, Roman and Greek.

Sign and Effect:  Nausea, Vomiting and Diarrhea, difficulty in breathing, paralysis of heart or respiratory system and death.

7. English Broom

Other Name:  (Cytisus scoparius,Scotch broom, common broom, Scot’s broom )

Native Place: Western and Central Europe, India, Britain and Ireland, France, Spain, Australia and New Zealand.

English Broom
English Broom found in Western and Central Europe

It is found mostly in sunny part and at lower attitude. It looks very charming. This flower is also considered as a sign of plenty. It is also used to decorate wedding places.

Sign and Effect:  Depressing heart and nervous system, affects heartbeat rate, very harmful for pregnant women and children.

8. Lily of the valley

Other Name:  (May bells, Our Lady’s tears, and Mary’s tears)

Native Place: Northern Hemisphere in Asia and Europe.

Lily of the valley
Lily of the valley found in Asia and Europe

Found mainly in cool temperatures and grow in spring season. Its shape is bell like and have white color. Berries colour is red so it looks very beautiful and attractive but in reality it is very dangerous plant. At the part of plant  is very poisonous.   

Sign and Effects: Slow heart rate, vomiting,abdominal cramps, painful death.

9. Autumn crocus

Other Name:  (Colchicum autumnale, meadow saffron or naked ladies)

Native Place: United Kingdom, Ireland, Ukraine New Zealand. 

Autumn crocus
Autumn crocus found in United Kingdom

It contains colchicine content which can cause death. Its poisonous behaviour matches with arsenic mineral so it does not show its poisonous effect, but slowly it spreads in body and finally causes death. The main thing is that it make hard to figure out the reason of death.

Sign and Effects: Vomiting, Diarrhea, Burning Sensation, Liver and kidney failure, heart attack and death.

10. Calotropis

Other Name:  (milkweeds)

Native Place: South Asia.

Calotropis found in South Asia

It produces strong cytotoxic activity. It is known as milkweeds because it produce latex.

Sign and Effects:  Harmful to eyes and may cause Blindness.

11. Wisteria

Other Name:  (water wisteria)

Native Place: China, Korea,  Eastern United States and Japan.

Wisteria found in China, Korea and Japan

It is very beautiful flower and can be tempt to attract with it. But this is very poisonous flower plant throughout. Moreover very harmful for dog and cats.

Sign and Effects: Abdominal Pain, Depression, Vomiting, Diarrhea.

List of Harmful Flowers all over World is explained in this article. Also some famous areas where they are found is also written. Why these are famous and the reason behind it is also given. Hope it is helpful for visitors.

Static Facts of the World to Know

Static Facts of the World are described below. As General knowledge is very important to clear any exam. Here are some of the historical facts and knowledge about the world.

  • Sun Temple, Konark (Odisha)
Static Facts
Sun Temple, Konark

Sun Temple is situated at Konark, Odhisha, India. This is also called surya devalaya and black pagoda. This temple is dedicated to the Hindu God, Surya.

  • Discovery of India, Book

‘Discovery of India’ Book was written by ‘Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’ during his imprisonment (1942-1946) at Ahmednagar fort in Maharashtra. Total Number of pages in the book are 595. Original Language in which the book is published is English.

Static Facts
Portrait of Jawaharlal Nehru
  • SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation)

SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) : SAARC is the intergovernmental organization composed of 8 nations. Headquarters of SAARC Secretariat are at Kathmandu, Nepal. Secretary- General of SAARC is Amjad B. Hussain. SAARC is established on 8th December, 1985. Eight members includes Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Srilanka and Pakistan.

Static Facts
  • Mallika Sarabhai – Daughter of Vikram Sarabhai

Mallika Sarabhai is an activist and Indian classical dancer from Ahmadabad, Gujarat. She is the daughter of famous space scientist Vikram Sarabhai. She performs Kuchipudi (Classical dance from Andhra Pradesh) and Bharatanatyam (Classical dance from Tamilnadu).

Static Facts
Daughter of Vikram Sarabhai
  • India’s First satellite Launching Station is located at thumba. Thumba is a outline district of Thiruvanthampurum city (Capital of kerala).
Static Facts
Example of Satellite Launching Station
  • Vatican city is the country located in the city of Rome. It is the smallest state in the world area wise. It is ruled by the pope. Pope Francis is the 266th and current pope of the Catholic church.
Static Facts
Smallest country area wise

First in World

Humans have innate tendency to evolve, explore and adventure. These are the list of adventures, expeditions, discoveries and inventions which were made first time in the history of mankind

        1. The First person to reach Mount Everest: Sherpa Tenzing and Edmund Hillary. Sherpa Tenzing was a Nepali Indian sherpa mountaineer. He was married three times. He died because of cerebral haemorrhage in Darjeeling West bengal. On the other hand, Sir Edmund Hillary was a New Zealand mountaineer. On May 29, 1953, Hillary along with Tenzing became the first climbers to reach Mount Everest. Sir Edmund Hillary was a great philanthropist.  He had constructed many schools and hospitals in the remote areas of Himalayas. He was also the president of Mountain Wilderness which is an NGO to protect the mountains of the world.
        2. The first Person to reach North Pole: Robert Peary. He was born on May 6, 1856 at Cresson, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C, United states. He was the first person to reach North Pole (1909). In some of the resources, Frederick Cock professed to be the first person to reach North Pole.
        3. The first person to reach South Pole: Roald Amundsen was a Norwegian explorer. Actually the Goal of him is to reach the North pole but he had heard that Robert Peary was leading an expedition towards Arctic so he changed his plans. One of the interesting facts about his expedition is he kept his plans (he was moving towards Antarctica) secret both to public as well as his team as he didn’t want to put the expedition to risk.
        4. First man in space: Yuri Gagarin. He was a soviet Air Force Pilot and Cosmonaut/Astronaut. He was the first person to fly in space. His flight on April 12, 1961 lasted 108 minutes in his capsule VOSTOK. He completed one orbit of earth during his flight. His remains are burried at kremlin in MOSCOW. Coming back to his life and death, he was born near Moscow, Russia on March 9, 1934 and died on March 27, 1968. Throwing some light on his spacecraft, it has two section one for Yuri Gagarin and another for supplied he needed such as water and oxygen. One point that I would like to talk about his death is he was killed in a plane crash before he could travel space second time. Gagarin kept physically fit throughout the life. He was keen sportsman. He was found of ice hockey and liked to play as a goal keeper.
        5. The first country to issue paper currency: China. Paper money is an invention of the song dynasty in china in the 11th century CE. This money was called jiaozi. Life span of this currency is about 3 years. After this, Song dynasty introduced a national currency which has life span of 9 years. In about 1890, it was Qing Dynasty which started producing yuan.
        6.  The first European to reach china: Marco Polo. He was born in the republic of Venice in 1254. He began his journey when he was teenager. One of the interesting fact about marco is he had left home when he was 17 years old and did not returned home for about 24 years. Can you imagine that in these 24 years, he has travelled 15000 miles both sea and land wise. He was buried in the church of San Lorenzo in Venice. Many believe that he had brought pasta to venice but it is not true, instead pasta was the part of Italian cuisine before the birth of Marco, instead he had brought concept of paper money.
        7. The first president of U.S.A: George Washington, was born at pope’s creek, virginia. He is the only president to have never occupied the white house. One of the interesting fact about him was sickliest president ever. He suffered from many ailments such as malaria, tuberculosis and many more. He had an interesting habit of writing letters and had written about 18-20 K letters in his life span. He was a man of few words. Could you believe that during his second inauguration, he gave the speech which was the shortest ever given by the president. By the way he was the only president inaugurated in two cities. He was the only sitting american who actually lead the troops in the battle. He was one of the richest president in the U.S.A History. He loved to dance.
        8. The first European to attack India: Alexander, The Great. The name Alexander comes from the Greek word “alexo” that means “defend” and “andr,” which means “protector of men”. On the day Alexander was born, King Philip (his father) got the news that his general- Parmenion had defeated the armies of Illyria and Paeonia. In addition, his horse had also won at the Olympic Games. Alexander is considered to be a descendant of the Greek hero Hercules from his paternal side and Achilles from his maternal side. Alexander was schooled by one of the most famous philosophers in history (Aristotle). Alexander has a reputation as a big drinker. The cause of his death remains a mystery. Alexander had great presence of mind when it came to military warfare. He was a cunning tactician who would devise ways to defeat his enemies with his superior strength in terms of soldiers and weapons. He never lost a battle during his countless campaigns bears testament to his military might. He had a profound effect on modern-day historians. Alexander was undoubtedly one of the greatest tacticians and military minds to have ever lived. His battlefield tactics are still studied by modern-day military counterparts.
        9. The first person to fly aeroplane: Wright Brothers. From an early age, Wilbur and Orville Wright were fascinated by flight. Their passion was stimulated by a helicopter toy brought by their father. Their mother susan koerner wright was much talented. It is believed that she could make anything by hands. In this way, they inherited such mechanical savvy from their mother. While the Wright brothers were undoubtedly bright, neither of them ever earned his high school diploma. Wilbur became reclusive after suffering a bad hockey injury, and Orville dropped out of school. Both the brothers were never married. Five people who witnessed the first flights of the Wright Brothers are Adam Etheridge, John T. Daniels, Will Dough, W.C. Brinkley and teenager Johnny Moore. Wilbur died of typhoid fever, at age 45, on May 30, 1912 in Dayton, Ohio. Orville Wright died of a heart attack on January 30, 1948 (aged 76) in Dayton, Ohio.
        10. The first person to land on the moon: Neil Armstrong. He was the first man to step foot on the moon on July 20th, 1969. His Apollo space suit was made by Playtex. He fell in love with flying at an early age, and earned his pilot’s license on his 16th birthday even before he received his driver’s license. Astronaut Neil Armstrong was the only professor at the University of Cincinnati that did not have a doctorate, although he earned his Master’s by giving a presentation on aspects of the Apollo 11 Mission. Neil Armstrong’s funeral service was on the day of a blue moon. In a nutshell, he was an astronaut, a naval officer, a rocket scientist, a test pilot, an aviator in the United States Navy, and a university professor.
        11. The first batsman to score three test century in three successive tests on debut: Mohd. Azharuddin. Class, style and leadership are hallmarks of Mohammad Azharuddin’s character. Till date, Azharuddin is the only cricketer with the distinction of scoring a century in each of his first three Tests. In 2000, Azharuddin was embroiled in a match-fixing scandal and was banned for life by BCCI, barring him from participation in cricket. On 8th November 2012, a Divisional Bench consisting of Justice Ashutosh Mohanta and Justice Krishna Mohan Reddy of the Andhra Pradesh High Court dismissed the match-fixing ban imposed upon him.
        12. First Secretary General of the United Nations: Trygve Lie. Let us Delve (hunt through) through some of the facts about Trygve Lie. He was the first Secretary General of the United Nations. He was born in OSLO, Norway on July 16, 1896. He was elected for this post on February 1, 1946 for a term of 5 years. In 1948, he acted as a mediator between India and Pakistani over Kashmir’s conflict. In 1950, he launched 20 years peace program. In 1966, he was honored with ‘Medal for Outstanding Civic Service’, a highest civilian honor in Norway. The reason for his death was heart attack.
        13. The first woman to be appointed judge of the Supreme Court (India):  Justice M Fatima Beevi. There was time in India when doing some jobs such as judiciary and many other are considered to be done by men only. They consider it to be their prerogative (birth right). But in 1989. when Fatima Beevi was appointed as the judge of the Supreme Court perception changed. It was watershed movement for women and paved a way for their upliftment and equal status in society. She became the first Muslim woman to be appointed to any of the higher judiciaries in the country. She studied law at Trivandrum’s law college. After retiring in 1992, she served as a member of National Human Rights Commission. In 1997, she was appointed as the governor of Tamil Nadu. USIBC (United States India Business Council) awarded lifetime achievement award to honourable justice Fathima Beevi.
        14. The first country to host the modern Olympics: Greece. Let us plunge into some of the facts about this country. I hope readers would love this. No one in greece can choose to vote. It is required by law for every citizen who is 18 or older than that. There are lot of mountains in greece. About 80 % of the greece is covered with mountains. Alexender the Great was the first greek ruler to put his own face on greek coin. Olympics games originated in ancient greece. Ikaria is one of the five blue zones in the world where people have the longest lifespans in the world. Football is the national sport in greece. Athens is the capital of greece. It (greece) contributes to around 7 % of total marble produced all over the world. It is also the third largest producer of olives. It has total of more than 2000 islands out of which 170 are populated. There are more than 250 days of sunshine in a year in greece. Every year one month of paid vacations is provided to a greek worker. So in a nutshell, it can be concluded that greece is country of sunny days, mountains, tourisms, olive, marbles and origin country of olympics games.
        15. The Largest Lake (Fresh Water Lake): Wular Lake (Jammu & Kashmir). Let us quickly gain some of the vital information about this lake quickly. It is in Maqbuza Kashmir (Bandipora). Jhelum river feed into this lake. Surrounded by majestic ranges of himalayas mountains and dense alpine forest, this lake is home to diverse species of world. 60 % fish yield of kashmir comes from here. June-August is the best season to visit here. Tectonic activity leads to foundations of this lake. Deepest part of wular lake is called Mota Khon of Gulf of Corpses. This lake is often flooded by water draining from pohru stream. This is not related to first in world but stll i have included this. Please do read this.
        16. First Satellite: Sputnik. The first ever artificial satellite launched by soviet union on October 4, 1957. On this day humanity entered the space. It weighted 86 kg and 58 cm wide. It has two double barelled antenna. It was powered by three silver zinc batteries. It was designed to operate for 2 weeks but the result was beyond expectation and it continued sending signals (radio signals) for 22 days. It orbitted earth every 98 minutes. IT remained in orbit until Jan 4, 1958 and burned up in the earth’s atmosphere. There is an interesting fact associated with Sputnik II. It carried living creature (dog named Laika) in space. Unfortunately, there is no plan to bring the dog back to earth, it died in space. Watching such success of soviet union i.e launch of sputnik in space, it launched its first satellite in space on Jan 31, 1958 which is named as The Explorer I. Sputnik was launched at Baikanur cosmodrome. The propagation of the radio signal provided information about the ionosphere. The chief constructor of this satellite was M.S Khomyakov.
        17. First person to swim English Channel: Matthew Webb: He swimmed the English channel without the use of artificial aids. He was born on Jan 19, 1848 at Dawley, England. The English channel is body of water that separates the south coast of England from north coast of France. He joined the merchant navy when he as 12 and leaned to swim in the river severn which is near his home. On July 1883, he tried to swim whirlpool rapids near Niagara falls. During such act, he died.
        18. First man to draw the map of earth: Anexemander. He was a greek philospher who has deep interest in cosmology. He had made significant contributors to geography and is the first man to draw map of Earth. He was born in Miletus. He was also the inventor of Gnomon on the sundial. He said that origin is boundless. This is called as apeiron which can explain change better than thale’s water.
        19. Country who won the first cricket world cup: West Indies. World cup was held in year 1975 in England. Final was played between Australia and West Indies at lord’s. At that year it was not 50-50 over game instead 60-60. Australia was runner up. It was also called as prudential world cup as prudential pic (a financial service company) sponsored this. West indies captain Clive Lloyd made 102 from 85 deliveries. In 60 over west indies made (291-8) i.e 291 runs and 8 wickets fallen. In response, Australian captain Ian Chappel made 62 playing 93 deliveries but ends at losing the match. Australia was all out at 274 in 58.4 overs.
        20. The first person to score an innings of 400 runs in cricket: Brain Lara. It was 4th test played between England and West Indies at ST. John on April (10-14, 2004). Overall match was drawn. Brain Lara was not out at 400 runs facing 512 deliveries. In his innings he played 43 fours and 4 sixes. Overall 4 match series was won by England (3-0) and Steve Harminson was player of the series.
        21. The First 1000 wicket taker in cricket: Muttiah Muralitharan. He is a giant performer and holds the record for most wickets in one day as well as test matches. He played for srilanka. He averaged 20.80 in test matches and 21.23 in ODI’S (Bowling Stats). His total test matches are 800 and ODI wickets as 534. In 2017. he became the only srilankan to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.
        22. The First US President to resign Presidency: Richard Nixon. He was 37th President of U.S. He was a lieutenant commander in the navy during word war II. Watergate refers to the complex building in Washington D.C. The head quarters of democratic party was located at Watergate office. Several men who wanted Richard Nixon to be re elected as president breaks into the office (Watergate) but on June 17, 1972 they were caught.
        23. First country to make education compulsory: Prussia. It is a German state. Before being absorbed in germany, prussia was major military and economic power in the central Europe in 18th and 19th centuries. It was abolished in 1947 by the allies who falsely claimed that it was an embodiment (representation) of nazism.
        24. First Country to win Football Worldcup: Uruguay. It is a country in the south eastern region of the south america. Talking about its neighbouring countries, it shares west with Argentina, north and east with brazil. It is surrounded with Atlantic ocean in the south east. Spanish is the national language whereas uruguayan pesu is their currency. It is 1930 FIFA world cup which took place at uruguay from 13-30 July, 1930. FIFA stands for Federation International of Football Association. The final was played with uruguay and argentina at Estadio Centenario. Uruguay won the match 4-2.
        25. First deaf and dumb to cross the strait of Gibraltar: Taranath Shenoy (India). He is an honoree of the international marathan swimming hall of fame. The government of india awarded him the fourth highest civilian award of india (Padma Shri) in 1990. Along with swimming strait of Gibraltar, he swam across the english channel thrice between 1983 and 1985. (2 times from england to france) and (1 time from france to england). When he completed his swimming across english channel, catalina channel and the Manhattan island, he won the Triple crown of Open water Swimming from the world open swimming association. His achievements truly inspired us and reminds that anyone can achieve anything

      Inventions and Inventors

      1. Who invented Telephone: Alexander Graham Bell: He was brought up in Edinburgh Scotland. He was a teacher for the deaf at Boston University. It is a private research university in Boston, Massachussets. From an early age in Boston, he had an inquisitive (curious) mind. He became attracted with acoustic and voice patterns. While teaching he was experimenting he played with transmitting sound via electricity. Telephone was developed as a result. He applied patent on March 7, 1876. He also helped Helen Keller to find the treatment for her deaf-blindness. Bell died because of anaemia on 2nd August, 1922.

    1. 2. Who invented lightbulb: Thomas edison: We all know that incandescent lamp was invented by Edison but if one look at the facts and history, there were over 20 inventors. Reason why Edison is credited with such invention is based on three factors. Factor 1: use of effective incandescent material. Factor 2: A high vacuum as compared to what was achieved by other inventors. Factor 3: A high resistance. Team at Edison invention factory tested more than 6000 possible material to choose best filaments in Menlo Park, New Jersey. As a result of these experiments carbonised bamboo was found best solution. One of the fact related to his sleep is that he could go to sleep anywhere, anytime on anything.
    2. 3. Who invented Basketball: James Naismith (1861-1939). He was canadian physical education instructor who invented basketball in 1891. He was not good at studies but was excellent at games. One of the famous saying of him is ,“Basketball does not build character it reveals it”. As the time passed the game became so popular that it became an official event at the summer Olympics in Berlin (capital of Germany). He invented 13 rules for this game for example preventing players from running.
    3. 4. Who invented World Wide Web: Tim Berner’s Lee. He was the man leading the development of world wide web , HTML, HTTP and URL. He is born in London, England. He is a scientist and academic whose visionary and innovative work has transformed humans lives in many aspects. He invented the web in 1989 while working at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research). He is director of world wide web consortium (organization to lead the web to it’s full potential).
    4. 5. Who Invented Telescope: Many of the people believe that telescope was invented by italian astronomer Galileo Galilei but it is not absolute truth. The earliest work for designing of telescope was done by German-Dutch Lensmaker Hans Lippershey in 1608. Galileo heard about work of hans in 1609. He improved his designs and invented a new telescope. Using this telescope, he discovered four largest moons of jupyter including Lo, Ganymede, Callisto and Europa. Talking more about him, in 1609 he changed people opinion about moon where people believes that moon contains shadow. But Galileo realized that it actually contains mountains and craters. Along with these mentioned discoveries, he also improved many scientific instruments including telescope, compass and microscope.
    5. 6. Who Invented Radio: Many people believe that italian physicist Guglielmo Marconi was the inventor of radio. Yes it is true but let us elaborate it more. For this discovery, there was head to head between Marconi and Serbian-Amercian Scientist Nikola Tesla. In 1884, tesla invented induction/tesla coil which is essential to send and receive radio waves. In 1895, as he was preparing to send radio signal, a fire destroyed his lab. In year 1896, marconi on the other hand carried out his experiments and was successful in sending and receiving Morse code based radio signals. He applied patent for tuned telegraphy. In 1901, he transmitted first transatlantic telegraph. Finally in 1904, U.S Patent office gave italian patent for the invention of radio. In 1909, Marconi won the nobel prize for physics. In 1915, tesla appealed for patent breach and in 1943, U.S Supreme court restored tesla as the inventor of radio.
    6. 7. Who Invented Television: Philo Taylor Farnsworth demonstrated first television signal transmission on September 7, 1927. But many researchers and scientist played a pivotal role in the invention. Donot forget John Logie Baird who invented first mechanical television. Another Inventor Charles Francis Jenkins (American) proved to be instrumental in development of television and camera technology. In a nutshell, television was invented by the contribution of these scientists.
    7. Creator of The Mona Lisa’ and The Last Supper | Ultimate Renaissance Man: Both are created by Leonardo da Vinci. He is considered to be a key person in the birth of the European Renaissance, which saw an emergence of new ideas, scientific discoveries and the creation of beautiful art. He trained under the Florentine painter Andrea del Verrocchio and was simply homeschooled. Apart from his amazing paintings, Leonardo also made extensive detailed drawings of helicopters, aeroplanes, parachutes, armored tanks. He sketched ideas for an underwater diving suit, a self-propelled vehicle and a flying machine that was a precursor to the helicopter. His paintings are very intriguing. He was ambidextrous – he could draw forward and backward with opposing hands simultaneously. He is epitome of art and science. Leonardo wrote of his love and respect for animals. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates paid $30.8 million for the 72-page collection [ Codex Leicester (also briefly known as Codex Hammer) is a collection of scientific writings by Leonardo da Vinci]. When da Vinci was 24 years old, he was arrested along with several male companions on charges of sodomy. In short, he was a painter, engineer,architect and scientist. His inclination towards knowledge is infinite.
    8. Inventor of Printing Press | Movable-Type Printing Press: Johannes Gutenberg (German goldsmith’s). The Diamond Sutra, a Buddhist book from Dunhuang, China, dating to around 868 A.D. during the Tang Dynasty, is said to be the oldest known printed book. The Diamond Sutra was created with a method known as block printing, which utilized panels of hand-carved wood blocks in reverse. Gutenberg’s design was replacing wood with metal and printing blocks with each letter. He was the inventor of a movable-type printing press, based on a Rhenish wine press and using ink that clung to the metal type and produced color fonts. One of his saying ,“What is truth? Truth is something so noble that ig god could turn aside from it, I would keep the truth and turn aside from god.”
    9. Who Invented Wheel: It was bronze age when wheels of clays and wood were attached to the carts. For a long time, it was believed that the Sumerians from Mesopotamia were the inventors of the wheel. But researchers found that people of eastern and western europe of the same age built something similar. If you really think wheel as marvel (wonder), the contributions goes to bronze age. So it would be wrong to mention a name for it. In other words, there were a group pf people who had given their contribution to invent such technology which kept on improving with the passage of time.
    10. The builder of the first navigable submarine: Cornelis Drebbel (Dutch engineer and inventor). Initially he worked as a cartographer (a person who draws or produces maps) and a engraver (someone who cuts designs or words on metal, glass, or wood). He build submarine under the patronage (support) of James 1 of England. Some reports suggest Drebbel had a chemical means for generating fresh air in the submarine. From some findings, it came out that Drebbel might have had the technology to generate oxygen from heated Potassium Nitrate (Saltpetre). His patents included a thermometer, a perpetual motion clock, a chimney, a dying process, a pump and his thermostat was led to the first automatic chicken egg incubator and the first oven with self-regulating temperature.
    11. Who invented Semiconductors: The term semiconducting was used for the first time by Alessandro Volta in 1782. Michael Faraday was the first person to observe a semiconductor effect in 1833. In 1901, the very first semiconductor device, called “cat whiskers” was invented by Jagadis Chandra Bose. John Bardeen, Walter Brattain, and William Shockley, all invented the transistor in 1947 at Bell Labs. Shockley invented the junction transistor in 1948. So, In short there is no inventor of semiconductor but there are different inventors of instruments made from semiconductors. Development in Semiconductor appliances had progressed by leaps and bounds from time to time.
    12. Evolution of writing: Days back to early man when they draw the concepts to express their ideas. Then comes the time for pictographs where common pictures are drawn to represent the idea. Such can be seen today in some caves. Sumerian and Babylonian civilizations developed a writing system known as cuneiform (for commercial trade). The writing system of the Egyptians came to be known as heiroglyphics. Writing in China developed from divination rites using oracle bones. The first writer in history known by name is the Mesopotamian priestess Enheduanna (2285-2250 BCE), daughter of Sargon of Akkad, who wrote her hymns to the goddess Inanna and signed them with her name and seal. From time to time, writing progressed and new ways were brought up.

You are also cordially invited to read some interesting stuff about 11 unique animals from the below link

Fascinating Facts about 11 unique animals

 Let us dive into some static facts about states of India

      • Static Facts about Punjab
Static Facts
      1. Punjab Merged into British territory in the year 1849.
      2. Adi Granth was composed by Guru Arjan Dev ji in 1604
      3. 18 Compositions have been included in the Dasam Granth
      4. Ratnawali is composed by Bhai Mani Singh
      5. Jafarnama is available in Punjabi and Persian
      6. Coins of the Sikhs initially is introduced by Banda Singh Bahadar
      7. Lodi Dynasty was founded by Bahlul Khan Lodi which was succeeded by his second son Sikandar Lodi.
      8. Ibrahim Lodi, the youngest son of Sikandar Lodi was the last Lodi sultan of Delhi.
      9. Daulat Khan Lodi was the governor of Lahore during the reign of Ibrahim Lodi.
      10. Babur attacked Punjab in the year 1519 for the first time.
      11. Babur attacks Punjab five times
      12. List of Mughal Emperor in ascending order of their rule is as below:

          a.) Babur

          b.) Humayan

          c.) Akbar (Jalal)

          d.) Jahangir (Saleem)

          e.) Shahryar

          f.) Shahjahan

          g.) Aurangzeb

          h.) Mujammad Azam Shah

          i.) Bahadur Shah I

         Last ruler of Mughal Emperor is Bahadur Shah II 

      • Static Facts about Himachal Pradesh
Static Facts Himachal Pardesh
Fruit Bowl of the Country
      • First in Himachal Pradesh
      1.  First Chief Minister is Yashwant Singh Parmar
      2. First Governor is Sh. S. Chakravarti
      3. First Chief Commissioner is N.C Mehta
      4. First Chief Justice of India from Himachal Pradesh is Mr. Mehar Chand Mahajan
      5. First lady governor is Sheela Kaul
      6. Mr. Sunil Sharma was the first man to climb Mount Everest
      • State Symbols of Himachal Pradesh
      1. State animal : Snow leopard
      2. State bird: Western Tragopan (Jujurana)
      3. State Flower: Common rhododendron
      4. Summer Capital: Shimla
      5. Winter Capital: Dharamshala
      6. State Dance: Naati
      • Political Facts
      1. Number of Assembly seats: 68
      2. Number of Lok Sabha seats: 4
      3. Number of Rajya Sabha seats: 3
      4. Conferred statehood : 25th Jan, 1971
      • Exciting Concepts
      1. Toy train(Kalka Shimla Train) is the center of attraction. It covers 806 bridges, 103 tunnels and 18 stations.
      2. Kasol is also called mini Israel.
      3. Himachal Pradesh is also called land of deities as almost every village has its own god.
      4. Lahaul and Spiti district is the largest area wise whereas kangra is largest population wise.
      5. “Kharjiar” in chamba district is also called mini Switzerland.
      6. Dusshera of Kullu is very special and lasts for seven days. It starts on Vijaydashmi and attracts a lot of tourist from all over the world.
      7. Floating island in Parashar lake in Mandi is center of attraction

Let us know some Interesting facts about human body

    1. Largest and strongest bone in the human body: Femur (thigh bone)
    2. Smallest bone in the body: Stapes in ear
    3. Largest white blood cells: Monocytes
    4. Smallest white blood cells: Lymphocyte
    5. Largest gland: Liver
    6. Largest Artery: Aorta
    7. Largest vein: Inferior Vena Cava
    8. Weight of heart: 200-300 gm
    9. Compared with brain and liver, kidney have a higher blood flow. To know more about functionality of kidney, you may watch video being uploaded by glbaat on this.
    10. William Harvey is known for circulation of blood.
    11. Human kidney contain 1.15 millions nephrons.
    12. Alexander Fleming is known for the discovery of penicillin Lysozyme.
    13.  Blood makes up around 7 % of the body weight.
    14. Blood cells floats in a yellow liquid called blood plasma.
    15. Protein Hemoglobin is contained in red blood cells. R.B.C carries oxygen. Hemoglobin contains iron which combines with oxygen which gives red color to blood.
    16. Platelets prevent blood clot.
    17. Red blood cells develop in bone marrow and circulates in the body for around 120 days.
    18. Average volume of blood present in the male is 5.6 litres.
    19. Average volume of blood present in females is 4.5 litres.
    20. A new baby have one cup of blood in his/her body.
    21. Humans are the only animals with chins. Some people think elephants have a chin; their lower jaw does have a bit jutting forward that looks like a chin. But it is not chin.
    22. Human nose can detect more than 1 trillion smells. This is done by olfactory system ( sense of smell). Until now, the long-held belief was that we can sniff out about 10,000 smells. But the recent research proved out sensing power is far beyond. Let us make a comparison between eyes, ears and nose. The human eye uses three light receptors that work together to see up to 10 million colours, while the ear can hear almost half a million tones and nose can detect more than 1 trillion smells.
    23. When you’re embarrassed, your body releases adrenaline. Adrenaline speeds up your breathing and heart rate to prepare you to run from danger. It causes your pupils to grow bigger to allow you to take in as much visual information as possible. It slows down your digestive process so that the energy can be redirected to your muscles. The veins in your face also dilate. As they open up allowing more blood to flow, your cheeks become warmer and redder.
    24. The cornea is the only part of the body with no blood supply – it gets its oxygen directly from the air. If blood flowed directly to the front parts of the eye, we would be blinded.
    25. The development of pads on the fingertips and palms start forming during the second and third months of pregnancy. During the third and fourth months of gestation unique markings on the pads is developed. Six months in, the fetus’s fingerprints and footprints are fully developed. The ridges on a fetus’s fingertips have formed three main patterns called as arches, loops, and whorls.

Celebrities who Passed away in 2017

Celebrities are like God for their followers and they always remember them throughout their life even if they have left this world. Here is the list of celebrities who passed away in this year and left their followers behind them.

Jim Nabors: He was an American actor, singer and comedian. He died at his Honolulu Hawaii home on November 30,2017 in age 87. He was discovered by Andy Griffith while performing in a local club. He could not play sports during childhood as he was suffering from Asthma.

About Jim Nabors Quote
Jim Nabors

Om Puri: Om Puri is an Harfanmaula Indian actor who appeared in both mainstream Indian films and art films. He has also appeared in American and British movies. He was recipient of Padma shree award in 1990. He died on 6th Jan, 2017 in Andheri Mumbai, Maharashtra India because of heart attack.

Celebrities who Passed away in 2017 About Jim Nabors Quote
Legendary Om Puri

Fats Domino: Also known as Fats-The Fat Man. Famous singer, song writer and musician in New Orleans Louisiana U.S known for Rock and Roll-boogie woogie. Famous personality died on October 24, 2017 (aged 89) in Harvey Louisiana, U.S.

Celebrities who Passed away in 2017 About Fats Domino Quote
Fats-The Fat Man

Robert Guillaume: American actor also known as Benson on the T.V series Soap. He is the recipient of Emmy award. He was Born in St. Louis, Missouri as Robert Williams. Guillaume died of prostate cancer on October 24, 2017 in Los Angeles, California at the age of 89.

Celebrities who Passed away in 2017 About Robert Guillaume Quote

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Hugh Hefner: Businessman and magazine publisher Hugh Hefner was born on April 9, 1926 at Chicago, Illinois. He was editor in chief of playboy magazine and chief creative officer of playboy enterprises. He died at his home in Hoim by Hills, Los Angeles California on Sep 27, 2017. Died because of cardiac arrest, repository failure, sepsis and E coli infection. Hugh’s daughter Christie said “her father was not a person of regrets”.

Celebrities who Passed away in 2017 About Hugh Hefner Quote
Before They Were GONE – Playboy Founder

Harry Dean Stanton: Actor with  gaunt, bedraggled looks and a versatile person who labored in virtual obscurity for decades died of natural causes on September 15, 2017. He is not only an actor, musician, singer but Lieutenant and fought battle of Okinawa.

Celebrities who Passed away in 2017 About Harry Dean Stanton Quote
Gaunt, bedraggled looks

David Cassidy: Born on April 12, 1950. He died because of organ failure well known for playing role of Keith Patridge in ‘Patridge Family’. David made his first band at a very young age of 14 with sam and jim so called The pains of glass. He can play guitar, piano, drum and clarinet.

Celebrities who Passed away in 2017 About David Cassidy Quote
The Partridge Family Show

Miguel Ferrer: Great actor who has worked in number of T.V serials and films. Died because of throat cancer. Having an artistic brilliance in blood, his  biggest breakthrough is role as Bob Morton in movie ‘Robo Cop’. He is the son of academy award winner actor Jose Ferrer and singer Rosemary Clooney.

Celebrities who Passed away in 2017 About Miguel Ferrer Quote
Bob Morton in Robocop

Marry Tyler Moore: She was an Emmy and Tone award winning actress, television star, producer known for her roles on The Dick van Dyke show and The Mary Tyler Moore show. She died on January 25, 2017 at the age of 80 from Cardio pulmonary arrest.

Celebrities who Passed away in 2017 About Marry Tyler Moore Quote
The Dick van Dyke show

Della Reese: Television host, address and singer. Better known for her role ‘Touched by an Angel’. Died on Nov 19, 2017 aged 86. She started singing in the church at a very early age of six. Quite interesting and amazing to know this. Because of her great talent she had been given the opportunity to work with Mahalia Jackson at a young age of 13 years old.

Celebrities who Passed away in 2017 About Della Reese Quote
Touched by an Angel

Barbara Hale: Best known for her role as legal secretary ‘Della Street’ on more than 270 episodes of TV series Perry Mason Died on Jan 26, 2017 with age 94.

Celebrities who Passed away in 2017 Barbara Hale Quote
Della Street

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AI Jarreau: A Versatile vocalist and passionate in pop, R & B and jazz died at age of 76. One interesting fact about him is that he is the first vocalist to receive Grammy awards in pop, R & B and jazz respectively.

Celebrities who Passed away in 2017 Al Jarreau Quote
Grammy winner of Jazz, pop and R&B

John Hurt: His notable work includes role as Richard rich in the film “a man for all season”. He appeared in more than 129 films and dozens of television roles. Died on 25th Jan, 2017 because of pancreatic cancer.

Celebrities who Passed away in 2017 John Hurt Quote
John Hurt, Legendary

Bill Paxton: Actor, film director appeared in famous movies like The terminator, Predator, True lies, Apollo13, Titanic. His notable work includes work in drama series Big love where he earned
Golden Globe awards. Died in Feb 25, 2017 because of stroke.

Celebrities who Passed away in 2017 Bill Paxton Quote
Bill Paxton- Appeared in The Terminator (1984)

10 Effective way to reduce pollution individually

In this article we are going to discuss about how individual person can reduce pollution. Also we will discuss about why it is important for participation of each person.

Now days we are observing that our environment is changing very rapidly. This changing not only varying in climate but also many things are changing abruptly. For example living nature behaviour, health issues, new type of disease, fertilisation power of soil and many more. And the problem of this all things is not only due to industrialisation and urbanisation. But also many things responsible for this which is listed below.

  • Deforestation
  • Growing population
  • Unmanned resources life cycle
  • excess uses of artificial things
  • unplanned garbage littering
  • Lack of factory production rule and regulation and many more things.

But only by reduce pollutant things on major , we can’t control pollution and its consequences. We also have to remove it by individual level. If each individual person will try for minimise to produce pollution then surely we will able to control on today’s pollution related problem. And if you are thinking that you are not able to do any things to reduce pollution then it will be very wrong. Each person can do a lot if they will do only some work for nature or even for himself or society.

In this article i have brought some points whom you can easily do in your daily life. Lets look one by one and Also try to make all point habitual in your life.

Key points to reduce pollution individually

1. Limit Fossil Fuel:

Fossil fuel is the main resource of air pollution. If you burn any things then it emit CO2. And CO2 gas is the core problem of increasing temperature of environment. Global worming is the main effect of it. Unusual whether changingdisappearance of many species, acid rain are the main problem arises by fossil fuels. At individual level we can do many things to reduce pollution.

  • Don’t ignite or rot crop in fields
  • Use less travelling with vehical
  • Prefer to use smart energy for our daily life like green energy
  • Try to utilise artificial things and help to minimise factories production
  • Don’t ignite wast material in open. Make them biodegradable by a good technology.

2. Switch to Clean Energy:

10 Effective way to reduce pollution individually
Switch to Clean Energy

By changing your energy optimisation plan in clean energy is also a best way to control on pollution. In clean energy you can use CNG, Solar Power, Wind Energy. Also try to develop your own custom things according to your need with the help of natural things. And with those substance by whom not any emission of CO2 and harmful gases.

3. Less uses of vehicles :

Now days two many vehicles also running on road. By this too much CO2 emission takes place. As well noise pollution and soil pollution also increases. So at individual level you can try to walk more if destination is at small distance. Also share your vehicle if seat is available. Try to use those type of vehicle who uses green energy as fuel. You can also prefer cycle, skating like things. This will be vary useful for reduce pollution.

4. Shift from chemical fertiliser production to organic fertiliser:

If you are a farmer or you have orchard then try to not any use of chemical fertiliser. Instead of chemical fertiliser use organic fertiliser. Also don’t let rot your crops or plant in open. Try to manage all the wast material. And also not burn your waste material in open. Now days mist problem is also a great problem in Delhi NCR, north India, Pakistan Area.

5. Avoid use of plastics:

In daily life we use plastic at a great instance. And due to this is a non-degradable substance it become cause of soil pollution and also it emitted CO2 at large amount which caused air pollution. You can avoid the use of plastic to reduce pollution. Instead of this you can use biodegradable pocket like copy folder. It will also make your place clean.

6. Save Water:

You know very well that there is a too much lack of drinking water. So save it many part of life where you waste your life. You can save water by many tings like. Don’t continuously open your water tube, wash cloth and bath in limited water. And you think about it that where you waste water and at that place try to complete work in limited quantity of water. For knowledge of importance of water you can visit our this article “Water is life understand importance of water“.

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7. Prevent littering Domestic waste:

Don’t litter garbage here and there. At a fixed place put all your garbage and mange it so that it don’t make air pollution and soil pollution.

8. Spread awareness :

Complete pollution cant be control until we all will not work together. So also make self awareness among your nearby people and relative. And when all the hand will work together then pollution will be remain in control.

9. Come in front to stop harmful things production factory:

If your nearby factory creating pollution then you have right to raise your sound. It will create force to stop all bad activities regrading pollution generation. And then our law and rule will be also become more powerful and help to reduce pollution.

10. Control Population:

This is the core reason of all the problems of pollution. To fulfil the requirement and desire pollution increases. So use precaution and say no more then 2 children. If our population will be in control then all the problem will be remain in control.

At last we can say that without self awareness we cant control on pollution. And all people awareness start with individual person. So just firstly control pollution by yourself and then aware to others so that they will also work together. A slogan suit here that ”Be Good & Make Good”. Hope you will definitely keep in mind these key point to control pollution by individually. Make our world neat and clean without any pollution.

Water is life understand importance of water

Water is a colourless, transparent and odourless liquid which constitutes 60-95% of mass organism. The name of topic suggests importance of water in daily life. We know that water is life as it makes life balanced in all aspects. Everyone is familiar with this sentence. You can see this sentence in rivers, sees and lakes. Normal adults are made up of 60% of water approximately. Water is made up of hydrogen ions linked to hydroxyl ions to form oxygen. Water conservation is very essential as it is source of all life on earth. As a fact, almost  of earth is water. In general sense, we use water for cooking, bathing, watering agricultural fields, generating electricity, controlling metabolic activity of body and preventing dehydration. I am going to describe uses of water and define some of them because the list is endless.

water is life understand its importance
water is life

Features of water:

Water is an essential feature of homestasis which is in an organism. A homestasis is a property in which variable like concentration, body temperature or sugar level is regulated. Water got excreted from body and takes out toxins soluble in water. Along with that it removes the heat from body and regulates body temperature. We can see water plays an important role in health so called water is life. One most important feature of water lies in its specific heat capacity. Water has high value of specific heat capacity. Before going further let us understand its meaning. Specific heat capacity refers to amount of heat required to raise temperature to a certain level. Speaking scientifically, water takes 4 Joules of energy to raise the temperature of one gram water to raise.

Look at its benefits: Most of time we say water is life. Here it is described why it is so. There are a lot of benefits of water which I am going to discuss here. Fishes in the sea and pond lives happily because temperature stays relative some day and night. Some another example is, people living near coastal area will face less temperature variations as compared with people living in land. Third important property is its viscosity. It is a factor that is that water is 790 times more viscous or thicker than air and serves effectively while doing exercise. This is the reason why swimmers are fit. Also we use water in our daily life for many reasons and in many ways.

Applications of water: Water has an important aspect in our life. Human, animals as well as insects need water. We consider it so light and use it carelessly. We need to understand the meaning of water is life. Below are some applications of water to know its importance:

Prevent Dehydration: Dehydration is the process when body gets rid of fluids due to sweating or any other reason. Drinking lot of water performs the opposite (Rehydration).

Managing Constipation: To understand how water manages Constipation we need to understand how food is pre-processed by large intestine. If body is processed by large intestine it will soak all fluid from food items and therefore it is difficult for them to pass.

Preventing Kidney stone: Drinking plenty of water / extra water dilutes the substance in urine that leads to stone. Thus water prevents kidney stone.

Burning Fat: A very simple logic is water. It lowers the amount of fat stored in the body and is a natural way to burn fat. Thus we can say that water is life.

Prevent Headache: One of the reasons of headache is fatique and it is caused by dehydration. Water prevents Dehydration and indirectly headache.

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Creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients, circulation and absorption are other functions of water and hence all these justify the topic i.e water is life. Water can help you to improve your health in many ways. Also for Dengue fever and its symptoms with treatment is explained in my previous blog. You can read it to know more.

Conserving Water: Since we have read water is life, save water. We know important features and applications of water. Question arises to stop misusing water and conserve it for better utilisation. Here are some general steps which all of us know but let us revise again.

  • Please off the taps while not in use.
  • Utilise right amount of water while bathing, cooking and washing.
  • Store the water in reservoir especially in the coastal areas.
  • Try to implement concept of 3R’s Reduce, Recycle and Reuse techniques for better water management.

Conclusion:  Really seeing the use, applications and advantages of water we can say that water is life. Also it is an essential part which proved that water is life. While in this article we have studied about the article we have studied about its advantages and use. We have also drawn the attention towards its proper management so that our future generation will get clean water. Today we can see pollution everywhere; industrial waste has degraded rivers, streams and oceans so a proper and strict action should be taken against this and save water without which we cannot think of life. So we should take some hard steps to reduce pollution. As a concluding part I end with a quote saying, “one can live few days without food but cannot live a day without water.” Moreover I only want to say that water is life and we must use it properly. Don’t waste water.

How to be successful in life with simple and easy ways

“How to be successful in life with simple and easy ways” this is topic where you will get inspiration and way for your journey . We all want to be successful in life, but we don’t know what actual meaning of success is. Success is not being billionaire or millionaire. Success means achieving your dreams by your own hard-work. Accomplish that task which was impossible according to people. Success means fulfil your commitment, living a dreamed life, getting satisfactionhappiness and getting Peace of Mind. It is liking yourself about what you do  and changing your life with your vision. It is about creating yourself and achieving our aim of life.

Be Successful in Life

Following are some amazing sayings of people who got success in life which will tell you the secret to their success and help in understanding what actual success means. Everyone can get motivated to achieve success in their life.

  1. Some people dream of success while others wake up and work:

The most important thing to be successful in life is hard-work. We can’t get success without hard-work. If we really want to make our dreams come true, we should try to achieve it. So stop only dreaming, start trying to achieve your dreams. If you really want to be successful stop thinking and start working for it.

  1. Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm:

Never afraid from failure. Always try to learn from your failure. These failures will work as a path to success for you. You just need to tackle these failures positively and to learn from these. Try to find out the reason of your failure and then find the way to tackle it. This will make you successful in life. Always try to find happiness in work even in the bad situation.

  1. Stop chasing the money and start chasing the passion :

If you are rushing behind money, you are working to just earn more and more. Then you can’t find happiness in your work .You will never achieve satisfaction. Money is just a greed which will never end. So stop chasing the money and start chasing your passion. Just remember that Money can’t buy happiness. Earning is not everything, our satisfaction, our desires, our passion means everything. Success is not being a billionaire, success is that which will inspire others. To be successful in life stop working just for money, make your work your passion instead of being rich.

  1. Don’t let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning :

This is the most common problem of everyone. If we loose what others will think, what people will say and many others. Just remember one thing we can’t make everyone happy, but we can create our own happiness with our idle thoughts. Don’t think about negative things which will demoralise you, think about your success. When you achieve your dreams, how your life will become. Think about the reaction of people that time. This will motivate you. So don’t let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning, then you will be able to become successful in life.

5. Without self-discipline, success is impossible, period :

Discipline also works as a key to success. It is the most important thing to be successful in life. Without self-discipline success is impossible. When we work for our-self, nobody is their to pressurise you and without pressure we will become lazy we don’t take our work seriously. But all these things will become the reason of our failures. So make your vision clear towards your dreams and make commitment with yourself to work in self- discipline to live your dreams.

6. If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary :

How to be successful in life with simple and easy ways
Willing to risk the usual

Don’t be afraid of taking risks. We cannot gain something new if we will not try something different. We cannot decide anything whether it is good or not without taking any risk. If it is not good then what makes it bad. To find answers to all these questions we should take risks. If we cannot take risks we will always remain ordinary. People who are hardworking will become successful in life just because of their dare to take risks without any fear.

7. You Are Never Too Old To Set Another Goal Or To Dream A New Dream :

Sometimes we don’t try to fulfil our dreams by thinking of age, people or time. Just remember one thing there is no age of living your dreams. Keep your eye just towards your goal. Keep idle thoughts with you which will always motivate and inspire you to achieve your goal. Don’t think about any other thing. Set your goals and keep trying to achieve it. If you never stop thinking about things which demotivates you , you will never be successful in life.

8. Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present :

How to be successful in life with simple and easy ways8
Design your present

Don’t forget success is not the key to happiness, happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get but we can’t get happiness by leaving our works on future we should do hard-work to get that happiness we should create that happiness by our own hard-work and dedication to be successful in life.

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9. Never, Never, Never Give Up :

Many of failures occur because people do not realise how close they were to success when they give up. We should develop our success from failures. These failures are the signs that we are trying continuously to achieve our dreams. Remember the thought tries and tries wins the race. Keep learning from your failures and see one day these failures will become the reason of your success. So if you want to be successful in life keep trying always.

10. If you don’t build your dreams, Someone else will hire you to build theirs :

This is also a big truth. If you don’t build your dreams then someone else will hire you to build theirs. And you will never get happiness and satisfaction from your job which is the most important thing. So stop thinking and start trying to reach your goal. Don’t put your key to happiness in someone else’s pocket if you want to be successful, try to achieve your goals.

                  I hope this blog will motivate you and will help you to make your focus towards your goal so that you will become successful in life. You got satisfaction from your work. Keep trying always. Never never, never give up and when you keep trying the day will come when you will be successful and you will start living your dreams. Being successful doesn’t mean being millionaire. It means you are living your dream life which gives you happiness and satisfaction which is the most important for our peace of mind. So we need to remember or understand the real meaning of a successful person to be successful in life. You can also read an article for motivation and inspiration click here.

10 Best ways to work from home using Internet

Nowadays in struggle and responsible life everyone wants to work from home because of two major problems.

  • To get job or earning source
  • Bear the responsibilities of home and family with same or higher standard

It means to make our life happy, earning plays a vital role. As well as to complete the responsibility we need love, affection, and same society standard. Standard in terms means higher education, good medical facilities, maintained cloth, nice food and many more. All things are directly proportional to our pocket size that means we are earning to complete our need. So we need to earn money by hook or crook. Many of people use to work from home to earn money.

In this article I am going to tell some tips that how you can maximise your earning from home. Specially this will be very helpful for housewife, part time job, time after examination, do not able to grab job, fed up from boring official job. In this article I am also going to give ideas, some for developers and those people who have some talent. They can utilise their talent and work from home in easy ways and have a great earning.

earn money
work from home and make money
1. Blogging:

This is a best way to get money. This is those one of those fields from where you can start any type of business. In another manner you can say that this is a first way to start your business to work from home. From this place you can grab maximum number of genuine organic traffic.

In blogging you have to write article in your desired or known language. According to your market price of knowledge and marketing you will get traffic. And after getting a good traffic you can apply for adsense. Basically, adsense provide you your content related ads. And pay per click on ads by your traffic user. Thus in return adsense company provide you money.

Value price monthly:

From blogging you can get a huge amount of money. Normally 10k-30k you can earn from here. But it completely depends on your content and SEO skills.


There are many company who provides you free blogging. But in the opinion of SEO you have your paid domain.

  • Blogger and many more

For Adsense you can prefer these website:

  • Google Adsense
  • Infolinks
  • PopAds
  • PopCash
  • and many more

2. You tuber:

If you want to be popular and earn a lot as well you can become a you tuber. It is today’s trending job. In this you have to make original video of any type according to acceptance rule of youtube.

After that upload video on youtube. If your video is of good quality and informative or more entertaining then you can get easily millions of traffic. And for this you can use youtube ads on your video. And youtube will pay you according to number of click on your videos ads.

Value price monthly:

This completely depend upon your video content and traffic. But for normal videos you can get around 10k-20k per month. As per you tube provide 0.1 to 0.3$ per click. So it completely depends on traffic. And traffic will depend upon your content.

Source :

3. Social media (Page or community)

You can also earn from social media. For this you have to make groups, community or page over social media. After this try to add more and more people on your community page or group. And after that you can find on market there are many sites who provide you their website page link for promotion. After registering yourself from that website get those links. And share or post that link on your community or page. From this your visitor or user will visit on that page. From where you get post link they will paid you a smart price according to your valid organic traffic.

Value price monthly: 

It completely depend on your total number of user present on your community, group or page. If you have 50k users then you can easily earn 10k – 12k monthly, if you post regularly.


4. Affiliate Marketing

In this type of marketing you have to take just like a franchise of reputed site from where you are going to affiliate. After getting register they will provide right of affiliated marketing. And on the behalf of that you can sell their product. For this a smart commission will be paid by that provider. This type of marketing is available in e-commercial website fields. Amazon, flipcart, ebay provide this type of affiliate marketing.

Value price monthly: You can easily get paid more than 10k per month and easily grow your income by making improvement in selling item. This is just like your virtual e-commerce business.


  • and many more.
5. Freelancing:

This is best way to earn money for those who have some skills. There are many websites available in market from where you can direct get work according to your skill. And after getting work done customer will pay according to pre-defined budget of that product. This is very good option for developers. They do freelancing and work from home as a part time job.

Value price monthly: According to your skill of working you can improve your earning. There are different prices for each type of skill. But in standard you can earn 5k to 1 lakh per month.


  • and many more.
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6. Online writing Job:

There are many website who provide you portal to meet your customer. From this you can get work of online writing or typing. You have to write good content for different purpose like website, thesis, news latter, blogging and many more.

Value price monthly: Generally charges of writing article depends on number of words. $1-$2 is paid for 1000 words. Content quality also matters. You can earn 5k to 20k per month by this skill.


  • and many more.
7. Data entry job:

There are also many type of online data entry jobs available in market. But in this field there are more risks as per many fraud are also available both offline and online. So don’t pay by your side to any individual. Try to get advance or phase wise price according to your work. It is very simple job, it just require few hours daily by doing work from home and anyone can earn money.

Value price monthly: You can earn 5k to 15k average monthly. It also vary on your location and crowd.


  • bijayinfotech
  • onlinedataentryjob
  • itechfly and many more.
8. Buy and Sell Domain:

This is a smart job but more risk and investments. In this field you can purchase trending domain and sell to to the demanding user at more price.  You can also provide re-seller hosting. This is investing job but very nice job and you can get handsome money. And shortly you can rapidly grow your business. It can also be done as a part time job by doing work from home. If you will do well it will become a good  source of earning.

Value price monthly: You can get money according to your selling and value of your domain. This may be in thousands even in lakhs also. So it will depend upon your investment and knowledge of current trends.


  • and many more.
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9. Online Survey Job:

There are many companies who provide you survey jobs. In this kind of job company provide all types of facilities. For example one restaurant owner hire you as online job survey analyst. Then they will paid from your side to the restaurant for your expenses in restaurant for every thing. And at last you have to give him a survey that how good that restaurant is in your opinion. This can be done by doing 

work from home one only need to give some time to their work.

Value price monthly: You can earn 10k-20 k average from here with some efforts.


  • surveycompare
  • mysurvey
  • Star panel
  • Toluna
  • iPanelOnline India and many more.
10. Read Ads:

In this type of online job you have to read many ads and company will paid you for each ads reading and investing you time there. You have to day by day have to open some ads.

Value price monthly: You can earn 10k-20k average from here with some efforts.



Hope you will get your earning idea from here and improve your economy. I have given many simple and best ideas to work from home to earn money. If you have any problem and need just comment below or contact us.