Dengue fever symptoms with treatment of DFF

Dengue fever is an infectious arth ropod-borne viral disease. It is caused by a dengue virus, the virus is also treated as Arbovirus. As a fact about 50 million dengue infection occur every year. It belongs to family flaviviridae. It includes virus like Zika virus, yellow fever virus and west nile virus. In recent days Dengue fever is highly on rise. It leads to high fever so that patients feel pain like broken bones and some dengue rashes also occur on the skin. Also it is killing many people in recent years. Mostly it is spread via mosquitoes. Some people caught by light Dengue fever and can easily recover by drinking enough liquid, but sometimes dengue shock syndrome occurs which needs immediate medical treatment. In this blog I am going to describe about dengue symptoms, and dengue fever treatment. Following an image of Dengue fever suffered child is shown with some highlights of medicines.

Dengue fever
Dengue fever an infectious disease

How dengue fever spreads: Dengue fever is spread through bite of female mosquito Aedes aegypti. The mosquito becomes infected when it consumes blood of a person with infected virus. About a week mosquito can transmit virus to a healthy person. This mosquito can bite more than one person during feeding time and therefore is highly efficient epidemic vector mosquito.

dengue symptoms and cure: No vaccine or drugs can be successfully managed by identifying its early symptoms. Dengue fever, headache, body pain, dengue rashes, abdominal pain, restlessness, continuous vomiting and sudden reduction in temperature are its symptoms. Best method is to avoid mosquito bite. Treatment is possible if diagnosis occur before person suffers from dengue shock syndrome (DSS) and hemorrhagic fever (DHF). When following symptoms arises patient needs to be hospitalized.

  • Bleeding from mouth and nose
  • Damage to blood vessels
  • Black colored vomit
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Fast drop in blood pressure
  • Intense stomach pain

Mild form cure: During early stage, drinking plenty of water especially boiled water. Painkiller like paracitamol can lower fever, papaya leaves extracts, kiwi, coconut water can help a lot.

Treatment of severe dengue [DHF/DSS]: If dengue symptoms last from a long time, person needs to be hospitalised. Tests available for diagnosis of Dengue fever and infection are as below:

  • Haemagglutination-Inhibition (HI)
  • Complement fixation (CF)
  • Neutralization test (NT)
  • Indirect IgG ELISA

From above methods most popular method is MAC-ELISA and is widely used these days.

Treatment of Dengue fever:  This fever treatment steps are listed below:

  • Bed rest is recommended till recovery
  • As temperature increases cold sponging is recommended
  • Anti Pyretics is used to lower body temperature. Avoid aspirin and ibuprofen as it causes gastritis, vomiting and platelets dis-functioning.
  • Paracitamol dose is given according to age, from 1 to 2 years: 60-120 mg/doses, 3 to 6 years: 120 mg/d and from 7 to 12: 240 mg/d. Adults are given 500 mg/ dose.
  • Oral fluids and electrolyte therapy are recommended for patient with excessive sweating and vomiting.
  • Monitoring of patients in academic area after treatment.

Treatment of DHF (dengue hemorrhagic fever)

In some cases, mild fever or dengue fever if not recovered till 7th day transforms into life threating dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) resulting in various symptoms like bleeding, low level of platelets count (thrombocytopenial) and blood plasma leakage and if an abrupt blood pressure drops, risk of dengue shock syndrome occurs.


  • Body must be hydrated with intravenous fluids. These are received through intravenous fluids. These are received through blood streams. It is a thin tube inserted into your vein fluid contains water with electrolytes, sugar, medication (drugs) added in concentration. Crystalloids and colloids are used to replace lost fluid.
  • Crystalloids, are aqueous solution of mineral salts and water soluble molecules, whereas colloids contains insoluble molecules like gelation, dextran’s and starches.
  • Electrolyte therapy: Given when potassium loss takes place inside body.
  • Blood Transfusion: Transfer of blood from one person to another person. Done when severe bleeding occurs or blood counts drops abruptly.
  • Oxygen therapy and monitoring of blood pressure.

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Treatment of DSS: If along with DHF, narrow pulse pressure (less than 20mm Hg) occurs, DHF gets transformed into DSS. Generally DHF/ DSS occur in infants and elderly people. Shock can develop rapidly hence transferring the patient to ICU is recommended. Pulse, blood pressure and respiration must be monitored. Continuous oxygen should be given by face mask. Paracitamol can be given to lower body temperature. Fluid recitation is most effective treatment.

General precautions during dengue

As a concluding part of Dengue fever, I am suggesting some tips and precautions. Before reading ahead please keep in mind, “Prevention is better than cure.”

Some precautions for Dengue fever:

  • Best precautions would be avoiding mosquito bite especially during morning and evening.
  • Keep rooms, houses and make environment clean and safe.
  • Look at your colors, water tanks and clean then if they are dirty. As water is an important aspect of life.
  • Do not store water.
  • Cover all containers properly.
  • Take some precautions to prevent dengue mosquito breeding near you like replacing flower base water in a week can do it.
  • Use mosquito repellents to avoid mosquito bite.
  • Use mosquito net while sleeping at night.

These general precautions for Dengue fever may help you to live a safe and healthy life and prevent you from dangerous affects.

Conclusion: Dengue infection is caused by mosquito bite. This infectious disease is spread all over the world and become a global public health issue. Dengue fever is difficult to diagnose, so in this blog I have explained some dengue symptoms, prevention, cure and precautions. Keep in mind these points so that if you will face ever Dengue infection in your life you can handle it easily. It may be helpful to you to save your or someone else’s life. Its proper care and treatment via antiviral drugs are still under investigation. Hope you will like this blog and it is helpful to you somehow. In last words I only want to say that prevention is better than cure. So always try to apply these precautions to live healthy. If you found  dengue symptoms, try to check under proper medical vision. 

10 Best motivational quotes for Success | inspirational thoughts

Nowadays, 80% of people are getting rid of their routine life. We all are getting frustrated from our life and need a change in life. Today I am going to explain that how to enjoy your life. I am taking help of following motivational quotes so that you can come to know what they exactly mean.   Everyone want  to know how to be happy, all are searching happiness outside but can’t find it anywhere. All want to know how to be successful in life but cant find answers to get success in life. We don’t know how to think like successful people and get success in life. We always want to find out their secret to success but all in vain. Answers to these questions is that all solutions of our problems are completely inside us. We just need some motivational quotes to find out these answers. Here I am going to tell you some motivational thoughts and inspirational quotes which will change your way of thinking and tells you how to be happy and get success in life. After reading this carefully you will see that how some motivational quotes changes the way of living. Following is an image showing motivational quotes can change your life. People who gave motivational quotes were successful and even enjoyed their life frequently, because they knew it is one time chance. They knew the real meaning of life. Such people can become successful in life.

motivational quote
motivational quotes can change your life

Following are 10 motivational quotes which I am explaining with their true meaning: 

  1. Don’t forget to live before you die:

We always think how to be happy but we can’t do anything for it. We always think and expect from life like once I will be rich, then I will be happy, then I will start enjoying my life. But when it will happen our life will change totally and we will expect something more. During this we miss small moments of life which makes us happy and we never enjoy our life. Most of people expects a lot from their life and died without enjoying their life. So just remember one thing “Enjoy your life before it Melts”.

  1. Don’t copy others,Find your own way to flow:

The biggest secret to success of successful people is that they don’t even try to copy others.They always try to do something different ,which never exists and this desire in them will reward them success in life.So if want success in life try to think different,try to  find your own way.Be like water ,make your own way to flow.This will definitely gives you success in life.

  1. Don’t let yourself controlled by three things :People,Money and Past:

If you want to know how to be happy you must follow this simple rule in life.Live your life freely without thinking about people,money and past experiences.If we afraid of what people thinks we will never ever be happy,always do the things which gives you happiness which you think is right for you not what people thinks who are they its your life,live it in your own way.always try to be happy with what you have because our desire will never end.and if we cant stop living in past we will miss the beauty of present.

  1. Don’t change yourself so that others like you,Be yourself so that right people will love you:

This is the one of the best among all Motivational quotes which will tell you how to be happy in life. If you really want to be happy in life Just Try to be Yourself.if you try to be the one like others want you will loose your identity and this will destroy your inner peace. Person who really loves you,will loves you with your imperfections.You cant be perfect at everything,try to be happy with the things you have.

  1. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step:

Let me tell you how to be successful in life, how to make your dreams true.If we want to get success in life we should start from a single step.People who get success in life were start their journey from a single step.There is many inspirational quotes on it likeprogress is progress no matter how small,little progress a day adds up to big results”. So just start working on your dream without measuring its length and time,because if you cant start anything you can never reach anywhere. 

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  1. Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at end that says i will try again:

Courage doesn’t means that we will say I can do anything it means we will never afraid to try something new,we will never be afraid of doing mistakes.Mistakes are the proof that we are trying.we all know “Tries and  Tries wins the race.”So to get success in life,never quit.keep trying until you win.

  1. Train your mind to be calm in every situation:

The biggest secret to success of successful people is their patience.They handle all the situations with cool mind because they know big things always take time to happen.And moreover if we got frustrated then we will never find the solution of our problems. So to get success in life train your mind to be calm in every situation.

  1. Believe in yourself:

To get success in life ,always believe in yourself.Don’t bother what others think about you.Always do all the works with the thought I can do.if you want to do anything never stop trying and never loose courage.Just trust yourself that you can do everything.

  1. Stay positive in negative situation to win:

Next secret to success is Always Be Positive no matter how bad the situation is. If you want to get success in life you should stay positive and that positivism will work as an energy for you. It will help you to find solutions of your problems in a better way.

10.Always keep the child in you alive:

Biggest Answer to the question how to be happy in life is that always keep the child inside you   alive. Do crazy things,be weird,be whatever you want in life which gives you happiness Don’t be afraid of what people thinks,because it’s we can’t make everyone happy but the only person which makes you happy is you. Never ever loose the child inside you.

Conclusion: I hope these motivational quotes will help to change your way of living. Just remember these things our happiness is in our hands. Don’t put your key of happiness in someone else’s pocket. Its your life, live your life in your own way without thinking about people. Life is too short to worry about such things. Count your blessings and make your own ways to live. If you want success in life Never ever stop trying. Do all your works with patience without counting time and length.keep trying until you win. Deal with every situation in a positive manner without thinking about chances of failures, think about its possibilities. Be happy always.

Thus such kind of motivational quotes can change your life if you really get to know their meaning and apply in your  life. Today my aim is only to show you some motivational quotes which focuses only on one aim. That is to live your life in your own way, without caring about other people’s thinking. I just used some motivational quotes to explain my words so that one can understand in better way. These are not just motivational quotes but the way of success, and becoming happy in life. If you will really got their base you will also become successful in life.

Best Programming languages in demand these days

Programming languages is not less than a magic, it can do wonders. Think if software is not available, how it will become possible to communicate with electronic devices like monitor, processor and printer. Software is written using Programming languages. But which is the Best programming language to learn in a beginner level is a serious question. Here in this blog I am going to help you to know which is best Programming languages in demand. As we know that coding for beginners is a tough and challenging task. But advantage of a programmer is that they can possess and tackle problems of life in a better way as compared to other.

Programming languages helps you to understand electronic devices using computer languages. In simple words, Programming languages are set of rules which tell computer which type of operation to perform. To know which computer language to learn, it is important to accomplish and know what type of task you want to do. Code and coding programs are everywhere and you can perform different operations like mobile app, data analysis, making computers think like human and much more. If you are familiar to computer languages you can learn to code earlier. There are a lot of Programming languages available to learn and different people like different languages. Many of students are puzzled that what should the choose. Different Programming languages have their different use and features. So one can choose any of their desired  Programming languages.

There is nothing called best programming language to learn. If you are searching for which of the Programming languages you can learn in an easy way then there is no one specific. If I say here Java is best or PHP is best or Python is best I am absolutely wrong. Every computer languages have their own value and features in programming. To justify my statement I am explaining with following example. If you know how to drive car, you can also drive truck or any other vehicle. From my understanding two things are important:

  • Type of task to be accomplished: It means in which kind of coding programs you are interested. If you are at initial level then you should choose some basic programs which is helpful in coding for beginners. If you are a coder and want to make future in coding you can choose advance level in programming languages you know or you are more comfortable with.


  • Logics and learn to code with your intelligence: One can apply their own logics so that they can learn to code. It is the best way to make coding programs. Java, c programming, PHP, Python and SQL is chosen by most of the developers as they are easy.

Stack overflow survey: In 2017, about 64000 developers took part in stack overflow annual survey and came with following report. Here is list of programming languages which I am showing in graph.

If you look at java script, it has ranked most popular technology since past five years. What looks more amazing is python overtook PHP for first time in last five years. Ranking of website depends on various things like number of website build with them, google search result, github projects or stackflow questions. The high demand of Javascript is reflected from its use. Javascript is mainly used for server side programming, desktop application and game development. We all know that there is high demand of server side Programming languages. Thus for server side it is one of the best Programming languages.

Stack overflow survey 2017
Programming languages survey

From above graph, we see SQL is the second most demanding language. There is a proper reason for it. This is one of the special Programming languages designed to manage data from database widely used in hospital, banks and government sector. Following are some list of programming languages to learn coding for beginners:

Java: If I do not speak about java, I am doing injustice. Android app and smart phones are complete with java. Games like candy crush, temple run are much famous today and thanks java for it.

C#: It is developed by Microsoft. It enables developers to build a variety of secure and robust application that run on .Net framework. It is simple and easy to learn. Coding programs using C# generates good source of income for developers. It is also helpful in coding for beginners.

Python: It is a flexible language. It is like an English language and its syntax is so simple. Many scientific libraries like Numpy, SciPy are compatible with Python for mathematical calculation. Research Centre like NASA is widely using Python libraries. Jobs like data analyst, web application developer are entitled to a Python programmer. Basically it is a core language for AI, machine learning and deep learning

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PHP: It is a server side programming language. One can create web pages written in HTML. If you think how content of websites like facebook, wikipedia is managed PHP is responsible for it. It stands for Personal Home Page, but now acronym for it is hypertext preprocessor.

C++: Adobe, window application, Mac operating system, MongoDB database are using C#. Windows phone applications are using C#. Windows phone applications are using C# based on early C. Thus C# is one of the best language within all other Programming languages.   It is one of the best languages to coding for beginners.

Ruby on rails: It is just like JQuery for JavaScript. Rails serves as a framework for ruby. It is basically for Web applications, API, Mobile or desktop applications, Java applications and mobile games.

Swift: Apple’s own Programming languages are included using Swift. It is easy to learn and high rise in coming year. Thus you can also learn to code in swift.

MATLAB: MATLAB supports numerical computation, data visualisation, plotting graphs, signal and image processing. It is very easy to code in MATLAB. Further machine learning algorithms are supported in MATLAB. Companies recruit data analyst, image analyst and pay them high salary.

Conclusion: List is endless. Other languages like VB Net, assembly, Perl, VBA, Go, Scala are also in great demand. Question is not which Programming languages to use or learn, real question is what type of post you want. I have explained a list of programming languages , common thing is all of these computer languages demand logic. Once you start coding programs, language will not remain a barrier for you. Language is just a syntax and real mystery is your logic. Thus in short I want to say that from above list of programming languages you can choose any of them or anything else and learn to code. In conclusion I want to say that Programming languages are basic of coding and you can choose any one with your interest.